University Of Alberta Giving Honorary Degree To Eco Hypocrite and Depopulation Advocate David Suzuki

David Suzuki wants to crush the engine of Alberta’s economy. Why give him an honorary degree?

In a questionable (and bad) move, the University of Alberta is giving David Suzuki an honorary degree, even as Suzuki’s efforts to demonize the Trans Mountain pipeline are part of a growing national crisis.

As reported by the Calgary Herald, “Environmentalist David Suzuki will be one of 13 people given an honorary degree from the University of Alberta this spring, a news release said Tuesday.”

Additionally, “An honorary degree is our learning community’s highest honour,” U of A chancellor Douglas Stollery said in the release. “I look forward to hearing the perspectives of each of these inspiring individuals during our spring convocation.”

This is a big mistake.

David Suzuki has been constantly advocating against the energy industry that drives Alberta’s economy and is a key source of Canada’s prosperity. Of course, Suzuki has no trouble using the product of that industry to fly around the world and get driven from place to place.

In his arrogance, Suzuki thinks it’s fine for him to benefit from the oil industry, while trying to wreck it for others who aren’t as rich and powerful as he is.


‘Honoring’ him, especially at an Alberta university, is really a slap in the face to everybody in the oil industry, and to all Canadians who benefit from that industry.

If Suzuki had his way, Canada would be a far poorer nation, and his radical ideology should be criticized, not praised.

Spencer Fernando

Paedophilia Enabling Penn State Eliminates ‘Homecoming King and Queen’ Titles


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Penn State is eliminating the titles of “Homecoming King and Queen” to help embrace diversity and gender equality on campus.

Beginning in 2018, Penn State’s Homecoming Executive Committee and Royalty Committee are rolling out changes to how Homecoming Courts are selected, the university announced Tuesday.

“Homecoming, as an organization, supports and strives to embody the aspirations of the ‘All-In’ initiative. To us, it’s less  about what a student looks like on paper and more about embracing the whole person and the unique experiences and backgrounds of each Penn Stater,” said Ally Berdan, Executive Director for Homecoming 2018.

In the past, the top two members of the Student Court, who were once known as “King and Queen,” were crowned during the annual Homecoming Football game. In an effort to embrace change, the committee will begin to acknowledge the top two recognized students with the Guide State Forward Award.

Student Court members will now be selected based on the whole-person concept, not just on academic grades and leadership.

Reviewers will consider how students represent the six Penn State core values of: respect, integrity, responsibility, discovery, excellence and community.

“These changes are exciting for the Penn State community and showcase the commitment that our student leaders have in making sure all Penn State students connect to the larger traditions and histories that make us Penn State” said Brian Patchcoski, Director of the LGBTQA Student Resource Center.

“We can’t say ‘We Are’ and exclude part of our community. The decision of the Homecoming Committee to insure Homecoming is open and welcoming to all is commendable, a true ‘We Are’ event,” said Paul Clifford, CEO of the Penn State Alumni Association.


Penn State Eliminates ‘Homecoming King and Queen’ Titles

Abortion Clinic Aborted 13-Year-Old’s Two Babies Without Notifying Officials She Was Victim of Child Rape

“I saw the feminist movement cover up for PEDOPHILES”

– Sara Fernanda Giromin

The Reproductive Health Services abortion business in Montgomery, Alabama, has been cited by the Alabama Department of Public Health for failing to comply with mandatory child abuse reporting requirements, leading to concerns that a 13-year old girl may have been trafficked.

A recently released inspection report dated January 26, 2018, described the citations involved failing to report a pregnant girl who received two abortions at Reproductive Health Services within 15 months.

During that routine licensing inspection, two charts were requested for review for patients under the age of fourteen.

Alabama law requires that abortion facility staff report the names of all pregnant minors and their babies’ fathers, if the father is more than two years older than the minor child. However, if the pregnant minor is under the age of 14, her name must be reported to the Department of Human Services no matter the age of the baby’s father.

One of the charts revealed that in January 2016, a pregnant girl came to the abortion facility for informed consent information.

The girl indicated that she was in the 9th grade and said her date of birth was July 3, 2000. That would have made her 15 years old. There was no mention of the age of the baby’s father in the citation narrative.

A woman, described as the pregnant girl’s mother, accompanied her to the abortion facility, but did not speak English. The girl served as translator between clinic staff and her supposed mother.

However, on the date of the abortion, the girl returned with her birth certificate, which documented that her actual birth date was July 3, 2002, making her only 13 years old.

Despite this new information, the facility made no report of suspected child abuse as required by law.

The same girl returned to Reproductive Health Services for a second abortion in April 2017, at the age of fourteen. Again, there was no mention of the age of the baby’s father in the citation narrative, which would have been important information to determine compliance with mandatory reporting laws.

And once again, the abortion facility made no report of suspected child sexual abuse for the 2017 incident.

“Let’s call this what it is. A girl was raped at age 13 and no one lifted a finger to help her or save her from future rapes,” Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It is clear that the abortion staff either didn’t care enough about that girl to report or they were actively covering up her abuse.”

Once the failure to report was discovered by the state health inspector, the facility’s “Director/Owner” hurriedly placed a phone call in the presence of the inspector to the Department of Human Services and reported information for possible sex abuse — two years after the fact.

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The inspection report made no mention of any possible penalties that Reproductive Health Services might incur due to the serious violations.

“This failure of the abortion facility’s staff to report suspected child sex abuse in a timely manner subjected this 13-year old girl to additional sex abuse, as evidenced by a second abortion just 15 months after the first. A simple phone call could have prevented this suffering,” said Newman. “Given the sketchy information provided by the girl and her so-called mother, it leads me to wonder if this child was being trafficked. There should be serious penalties for the clinic, which must be held at least partially responsible for any crimes committed against this girl.”

Read the Inspection Report dated 1/26/2018. Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue.


Muslim Teen Claimed Man Ripped Off Her Hijab In Hate Crime. That’s Not What Happened.

A 13-year-old Muslim girl from Virginia claimed a man approached her on the street after noticing that she was wearing a hijab, called her a “terrorist” and, while threatening her at knife-point, snatched off her Islamic headscarf.

But before you clutch your pearls and deem America a country filled with Islamophobic bigots, here’s what police are saying actually happened: the girl made the whole thing up.

Authorities have charged the teen for filing a false police report about the apparently fanaticized incident, investigators announced Tuesday.

man hating, white guilt ridden Nora Loreto ” I’m trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role”.


BATRA: Social justice warrior misses the boat on Humboldt

Disturbing Report Finds Doctors Euthanizing Cancer Patients Without Their Consent

A survey of end of life decisions among Flemish cancer patients has found that more than one in 10 deaths (10.4%) were from euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide.

The study, published in The British Journal of Cancer, was based on a questionnaire sent to Flemish physicians who had certified a representative sample of all deaths in Flanders. The doctors were asked whether, in the case of a death that wasn’t sudden or unexpected, they had either 1) withheld or withdrawn life-prolonging medical treatment, 2) intensified the alleviation of pain and/or other symptoms with drugs with the possibility of hastening death; or (3) administered, supplied or prescribed drugs with the explicit intention of hastening death.

High rate of euthanasia

The report says that “more than one in 10 deaths (10.4%) were from euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, which is a considerable increase on the 5.6% of all cancer deaths recorded in 2007 and substantially higher than the general rate of 4.6% recorded in 2013.” It also notes that “this high rate of assisted dying is consistently noticeable in all cancer groups” (ranging from 8.7 % for genitourinary cancer to 12.6% for respiratory), and that it does not differ significantly between cancer types.

Killing without consent

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the report is the finding that “the administration of drugs with the explicit intention to hasten death (life-shortening acts) without the explicit request from the patient occurred in 1.8% (1.0–3.4%) of the cancer deaths during the studied period.” The authors dismiss the idea of the “slippery slope” in regard to this evidence of patients being killed without consent, saying: “no clear evidence has been found to support this fear. In Belgium and the Netherlands, where euthanasia has been legal for many years, the proportion of deaths in which life-ending drugs were used without explicit patient request has not risen since the legalisation.”

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What’s going on?

They also suggest that many cases of life-shortening acts performed without patient consent may in fact be the giving of opioids for pain and symptom management, rather than deliberate euthanasia – despite the reference to the explicit intention to hasten death. “The practice of using life-ending drugs without explicit patient request may thus in reality be more similar to intensified pain alleviation with a ‘double effect’ than to non-voluntary termination of life.”

However, this is at best confusing, when the study had a separate category for pain medication hastening death. Moreover, the authors go on to say that “decision-making [across all life-shortening decisions] took place without the patient’s input in almost 20% of cases.” They do admit that this is unethical, saying “according to the ethical principle of patient autonomy, all possibly life-shortening decisions should be discussed with the patient, unless he or she has explicitly said otherwise.”

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organziation in the United Kingdom.

YouTube Demonetizes Videos Such As “Baby Does The Dishes” Because The Creator Is Conservative

YouTube is going crazy again, and this time they’re demonetizing videos not because the content is something that goes against policy, but because of what the content creator believes socially and politicly and practices in her everyday life offline. She calls herself “Wife With A Purpose” and is dedicated to showing the world that homemakers are important to the existence of a functioning society and should be praised, not frowned upon. Videos on her YouTube channel such as “The Baby Does The Dishes,” “Garden With A Purpose 2017,” and “Happy Mothers Day” were all stripped of their advertisements with YouTube stating that the long list of videos wasn’t “suitable for advertisers.” Wife With A Purpose described what happened to her in a Gab post:

“YouTube just sent me an email saying they have demonetized nearly all of my videos as not being “suitable” for advertisers, including videos on skin and hair tips, my toddler helping to do the dishes, tips for homeschooling, planning Thanksgiving dinner and others! Absolutely outrageous (not that I actually make any money off of them but it’s the principle of the thing). Why are all these media outlets so terrified of my message about being a happy homemaker and conservative woman?”

A complete list of affected videos is included in her post. We all understand that YouTube is anti-white and pro-forced diversity, so it comes to us as little surprise that the video-sharing platform would demonetize videos that contain pro-white stances. But videos about skincare? Doesn’t YouTube have hundreds of e-celebs who make a living just by showing people how to properly apply their makeup? Why are parenting tips considered “not suitable” for advertisement? It isn’t because of the content, it’s because of the creator. One person commented,


YouTube Demonetizes Videos Such As “Baby Does The Dishes” Because The Creator Is Conservative

Problematic’ Phrases ‘British Values’, ‘Islamist’ Banned in the Classroom by Political Correctness-Obsessed SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has been slammed over guidance which claims that supposedly “offensive” terminology like “British values” could inspire terror attacks.

“The concept [of British values] can cause offence and could play into the hands of groups who seek to assert that there is an inherent conflict between being British and being Muslim”, Scottish teachers have been told. Defending the move, a spokesman said using the “wrong” words in the classroom could “amplify the rhetoric used by terrorists and violent extremists.”


UK Security Minister Ben Wallace accused Education Scotland of “putting PC [politically correct] politics before children’s safety” when the directive — which stresses the “importance of using appropriate and accurate” terms when discussing terror — came to light at the weekend.

Drawn up in partnership with the Scottish government, the Education Scotland document provides what it calls an “overview” of language which should and should not be used during classroom discussions on terror attacks and violent extremism, reports The Sun.


Featuring a list of terms divided into columns labelled “safe” and “problematic”, the Holyrood guide urged teachers to “think carefully before selecting the right words”.

With “British values” appearing in the “problematic” column, juxtaposed with the “safe” term “shared values”, educators learn from the paper that the former term could “cause offence”.