Australia: LGBT Terrorist Threatens to Burn Down Church Over Traditional Marriage Billboard



An evangelical church in Australia has been threatened with an oil fire for displaying a billboard message declaring that God created marriage between one man and one woman.

“On Facebook, a lot of the stuff has been quite vicious at times,” John Gill, senior pastor at Bellbowrie Community Church in Brisbane, told Daily Mail Australia. “I mean quite physically threatening. That’s been scary for some in the church.”

“One of the comments, for example, was a suggestion that people bring petrol down and set the church on fire,” Gill added chillingly. The pastor said that his church has 150 parishioners, and these responses have come after Bellbowrie Community Church put up a billboard defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

In an interesting twist, the person who shared a photo of the billboard on Facebook just happened to be an opponent of the message. Patrick Wood posted photos of either side of the billboard, with the message, “Their house, their hypocritical rules. Same sign, same day, opposite sides. I won’t forget their Marriage Equality stance.”


“God designed marriage between a man and a woman,” read the billboard. This was a direct reference to multiple scripture verses. Genesis 2:24 clearly states that “a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” Jesus quotes this passage, endorsing the Genesis view of marriage.

On the other side, the sign read, “All people are respected and welcome here.”

While Wood and others interpret the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman to be exclusionary, meaning that LGBT people are not welcome, the one message is not incompatible with the other. It is fully possible for Christians to love LGBT people while disagreeing with same-sex marriage.

Indeed, a teacher from the New South Wales Central Coast told Daily Mail Australiathat the two billboards were consistent with the Bible. “This is not a contradiction,” she said. “It is perfectly in order and reflects our Christian ethos: acceptance of individuals regardless while upholding the sanctity of marriage and simultaneously rejecting SSM with its implications.”

Even so, the billboard itself was vandalized over the weekend, so that it read, “God designed marriage between a man and a man.”

Australia is in the middle of a nationwide non-binding mail-in vote on whether or not to redefine marriage, including same-sex unions. The ballots are due to be returned by November 7.


Gill, the pastor at Bellbowrie, said the threats leveled against his church over the billboard emphasized the threat to religious freedom if Australia redefines marriage. He wondered specifically about a church’s freedom to express biblical doctrine in public, via billboards or other messages.

“At the moment, we know we have that freedom but certainly down the track, we have serious concerns about whether we’d continue to have that freedom or not,” the pastor said.

Those who fear that same-sex marriage will undermine religious freedom need only look to the United States and Britain for terrifying signs that these movements may be incompatible.

In the United States — where the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodgeslegalized same-sex marriage in 2015 — many Christians who gladly serve LGBT people in their normal business have been attacked by the government for refusing to serve same-sex weddings. Notable examples include Washington state florist Barronelle StutzmanOregon bakers Aaron and Melissa KleinMichigan farmers Steve and Bridget Tennes, and Colorado baker Jack Phillips (whose case will come before the Supreme Court).

In fact, at least one LGBT group in Ohio announced its plans to target churches to force religious organizations to host same-sex weddings, regardless of their faith positions on marriage being between a man and a woman. In discussing cases where religious business owners choose to opt-out of serving same-sex weddings, openly gay megadonor Tim Gill declared, “We’re going to punish the wicked.”

In England, the speaker of the House of Commons recently declared that same-sex marriage won’t be “proper” unless churches cannot opt out from celebrating it. “I still feel we’ll only have proper equal marriage when you can bloody well get married in a church if you want to do so, without having to fight the church for the equality that should be your right,” Commons Speaker John Bercow said.

More directly applicable to Australia may be the opinions of its own LGBTI community, which seem very hostile to religious freedom. In a survey early this year, LGBTI Australians said they would oppose any legal provision allowing churches, ministers, businesses, or civil celebrants to refuse to take part in a gay wedding.

Fifty-nine percent said religious celebrants should not be exempted from having to serve a same-sex wedding. Let that sink in — nearly 60 percent of LGBTI people in Australia say it should be illegal for a pastor or religious minister to refuse to marry a same-sex couple.

Furthermore, 94.3 percent said a church or religious organization should not be allowed to deny use of its property for a same-sex wedding. When the respondents were asked if they would allow this exemption in order to make same-sex marriage legal in Australia, 90.6 percent still opposed it.

bill in Alabama might present the best solution to these problems. This proposal would outlaw marriage licenses, allowing the state to record a marriage via notary — without the need for a minister or officiant being involved at all.

“It is my belief that the state cannot make any kind of contract sacred,” the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Baldwin County), told PJ Media. Albritton does not intend to outlaw same-sex marriage, but merely to separate the state records on marriage from any religious blessing.

Interestingly, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, fully endorsed religious freedom last week. “Churches are free to marry whoever they like,” Turnbull said. He even defended a church in Australia which refused to marry a couple after the bride posted her support for legalizing same-sex marriage on social media.

“As strongly as I believe in the right of same-sex couples to marry, religious freedom is fundamental and it will be protected in any bill that emerges from this Parliament,” Turnbull declared.

Even if religious freedom would not be weakened by same-sex marriage, the issue of transgenderism opened an entirely new can of worms — in AustraliaBritain, and the U.S. — about public schooling and parental rights.

Threats of arson against churches that support traditional marriage may be rare, but this event underscores the LGBT movement’s vitriol against biblical truth on sexuality.

Teen fired for opposing gay ‘marriage,’ accused of ‘hate speech’

it’s not about equality


CANBERRA, Australia, September 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — An Australian children’s entertainment company fired a young woman for saying on social media “it’s OK to vote ‘no’” in the country’s current referendum on same-sex “marriage.”

Capital Kids Parties owner Madlin Sims may have violated discrimination laws in firing an 18-year-old because Sims said her former employee’s view amounted to hate speech, The Guardian reported.

The young woman known thus far as Madeline said in various media interviews that she was let go because her Christian view did not allow her to vote yes in Australia’s voluntary postal survey on gay “marriage.” The plebiscite runs from September 12 through November 7.

Sims posted on Facebook that she had “fired a staff member who made it public knowledge that they feel ‘it’s OK to vote no,’” and that she viewed saying so as hate speech. The social media account was inactive at press time.

“Advertising your desire to vote no for [same-sex marriage] is, in my eyes, hate speech,” Sims said.

She said “there were prior conversations had,” so it wasn’t a case of “you’re voting no, you’re fired.”

Sims said having an employee who was “extremely out & proud” about her views on homosexuality was a risk to her customers and equated a “no” vote with being homophobic.

“It’s not OK to vote no,” she stated. “It’s not OK to be homophobic. This isn’t a matter of opinion or even religion.”

Sims’ brother reportedly asked Madeline to take the “it’s OK to say no” message down from Facebook, but Madeline had gotten no word from Capital Kids Parties until she was fired.

The Coalition for Marriage’s Bill Shorten declined to comment on this specific case but said, “People should not be dismissed from their employment for having different views about marriage equality.”

“People’s job security shouldn’t be threatened by that,” he said. “No one should risk losing their job because they are either voting yes or no.”

The Guardian report said the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Human Rights Commission affirmed it could be illegal to fire an employee or contractor for their religious and political views, along with their sex, gender identity or sexuality.

“You can bring a complaint on that basis,” discrimination commissioner Karen Toohey said. “It’s a decision for the ACT civil and administrative tribunal [to determine].”

Both Sydney University associate professor Belinda Smith and Tim Lyons, research fellow for progressive think-tank Per Capita, said the law protects political and religious views of employees and contractors, irrespective of whether they support or oppose gay “marriage.”

“If religious convictions are a protected attribute – as they are in [the] ACT – then generally it is not permissible to fire someone for those convictions. This could constitute direct discrimination,” Smith said.

She noted, though, that employers “can generally prescribe what workers can and can’t say and do on the job to clients.”

Lyons, also former Australian Council of Trade Unions assistant secretary, said it was “important to note that discrimination law works both ways.”

Laws banning discrimination based on a person’s religious or political convictions protect both sides, Lyons said.

“As long as the expression of your views isn’t threatening people in the workplace … and is not hate speech, then clearly you’ve got a right to your views,” he said. “The irony is that people on the right loudly protesting the so-called politically-correct thought police will have their rights protected by those laws as well.”

Saying “it’s OK to vote no” was “a pretty gentle way of stating a view” that would not constitute hate speech or vilification, said Katharine Gelber, a University of Queensland professor and free speech expert.

Any alleged violation of employer policy would hinge on whether an employee or contractor was identified with the employer on their social media account, Gelber said.

“It’s not unusual for employers, particularly in the public service, to have strict guidelines about political issues,” she said. “Employers are increasingly controlling the views of their workers on social media, which could be seen as an overreach.”

A recent poll conducted by international Internet-based market research firm YouGov indicated 59 percent of Australians said they were in favor of changing the law to allow same-sex “marriage,” with saying 33 percent they were not in favor and 9 percent who did not know. A Guardian Essential poll released around the same time had 55 percent favoring legalizing gay “marriage” and 34 percent opposed.

High School Teacher Sends Nude Photos To Student. Then She Has Sex With Him.

A former substitute teacher and girls soccer coach In Michigan has been arrested after sending nude pictures of herself to a student younger than 18 and then having sex with him last April.

Allyson Brittany Moran, 26, who taught science and chemistry at Stockbridge High School in Stockbridge, 70 miles west of Detroit, faces three felony counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a student and one misdemeanor count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a student, according to the Lansing State Journal. She could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Moran is accused of having sex with the student twice at her home in Dansville. According to Stockbridge school officials, Moran worked at the district during the 2016-17 school year.

According to the Decatur Herald & Review, Moran married Ryan Moran on June 15, 2013; her maiden name was Staudenmaier. The Herald & Review reported Moran was a student at Millikin University in Decatur when she was wed. She was allegedly a biology major.

Moran was arrested at a motel in Decatur on September 14 on a contempt of court charge.

Child Abusing California school board won’t let kids opt out of transgender indoctrinating lessons

ROCKLIN, California, September 19, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The California charter school board rocked by controversy over a five-year-old boy who transitioned to a “girl” in kindergarten has unanimously voted not to let children opt out of lessons on transgenderism.

After a five-hour, highly charged meeting attended by more than 500 people Monday night, the Rocklin Academy School board rejected a “model parental rights” proposal put forward by parents’ rights groups Capitol Resource Institute and backed by the California Family Council, Pacific Justice Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom.

The model proposal would allow parents to review sensitive material before it hits the classroom and to opt their children out of controversial lessons that are not sex education. California law requires parental notice and opt-out for sex education.

And while the five-member board approved a policy to notify parents for lessons on controversial subjects, the amendment was “really weak,” says Greg Burt of the California Family Council.

“There’s no mandatory requirement,” he told LifeSiteNews.

The board policy directs teachers to “try to notify parents” when “something controversial comes up” but “doesn’t require any accountability if the teacher doesn’t do it,” Burt said.

Monday’s board meeting was the latest event in a controversy that erupted when a kindergarten boy transitioned to a girl in class at Rocklin Academy Gateway and neither parents nor administration were told beforehand.

The boy reportedly changed into girl’s clothes and was reintroduced to his class as a girl. Teacher Kaelin Swaney also read two pro-transgender books, including I am Jazz, in the lesson that took place just before summer vacation.

A number of angry parents complained to the board that their five-year-olds had been traumatized and were fearful they could “change” into the opposite sex.

The Rocklin school board countered it didn’t have to tell parents about lessons on transgenderism because it wasn’t sex-ed, and that discrimination based on gender identity is against the law in California.

According to a parent statement Burt provided to LifeSiteNews, the teacher refused to verify what took place during the initial lesson, leaving parents to find out what happened from their five-year-olds.

The board also refused to say what happened in the classroom, Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, told LifeSiteNews in an earlier interview.

Moreover, when school resumed this fall, a Grade 1 student inadvertently “misgendered” the five-year-old “transgender boy” on the playground and was sent to the principal’s office, she said.

When the controversy hit national media, the board was inundated with “hundreds of angry calls and emails from throughout the country,” according to The Sacramento Bee.

Transgender advocates and parent allies were front and center at the September 18 board meeting, holding signs such as “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” “Trans Kids Have Courage” and “Love and Let Love,” it reported.

“It’s important tonight to support transgender children. It’s not about me. It’s about transgender children,” Beryl Mayne, an LGBT advocate, told the Bee.

Parents opposing the lesson and represented by parents’ rights groups were also out in full force.

“To teach my kid that biologically this boy was born a boy and to teach him that now he’s a girl is very confusing and I feel that it’s a lie,” parent Chelsea McQuistan told the meeting, according to Fox40News.

It was clear from the meeting the board remains convinced it would be “illegal” and “discriminatory if [it] notified parents ahead of time or had an opt out for issues of gender identity,” Burt told LifeSiteNews.

“The school district has the option to provide all kinds of opt-outs,” he said, adding as an example that students were allowed to opt out from looking at the recent eclipse.

“When you’re talking about something as sensitive and controversial as gender identity, for them to say they can’t provide an opt-out for parents is just flat-out wrong,” Burt said.

He says 40 families and 71 kids have left Rocklin Academy Schools over how the board “handled the transgenderism issue.”

And he expects that number will rise.

“A lot of parents were holding out to see what the school board would do, hoping that they would respond positively,” Burt told LifeSiteNews. “Now that they haven’t … I think you’re going to have a much bigger reaction. But we’ll see.”

His organization and other parents’ rights groups involved are also considering their next move, he added.

“We’re not giving up,” he told LifeSiteNews. “We knew it would be a long haul, and that initially they would reject our suggestions, but this is not the end of it.”

49 Year old female rapist of 15 year old completes weekends only sentence after 2 years

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Molly Shattuck, the former Ravens cheerleader and ex-wife of high profile business executive Mayo Shattuck, has completed her jail sentence for the rape of her teenage son’s friend.

Shattuck was found guilty in a Delaware court of fourth degree rape, and was sentenced in August 2015 to spend 48 weekends in jail for the crime that occurred the year before that, over the 2014 Labor Day weekend at a rented house in Bethany Beach.

Although Shattuck allegedly had liaisons with the 15-year-old in Maryland, as well, she never faced charges here.

Her lawyer called the relationship part of a “romantic fantasy,” but the victim’s angry parents said in court that Shattuck groomed their soon over months, and was a predator who “violated every child-adult boundary.”

Shattuck’s lawyer also blamed her crime on her then husband, former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck, saying he had abruptly left her for a younger woman.

Shattuck, who was the oldest cheerleader in NFL history, had faced other charges, including third-degree rape counts, but they were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Her final period of incarceration was served this past weekend. The court also ordered Shattuck to pay for the victim’s counseling and register as a sex offender.

Missouri State University created an anti-male emasculation program

Missouri State University (MSU) has created a program to help men tackle “toxic masculinity,” citing rising levels of “depression, anxiety and mental health concerns” among male students.”

The program, called “Men Addressing Social Construction” (MASC), is a collaborative effort launched by university officials to facilitate student dialogue and help “men and male-identifying students” appreciate the impact “toxic masculinity” has had on their lives.


Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and LGBT Student Services Matthew Banks told The Standard that students “are struggling with things in a system like toxic masculinity,” which he defined as a “pervasive idea that punishes men who are ‘feminine’ or experience ‘feminine’ tendencies.”

Additionally, Banks argued that an “identity-based” approach was necessary to address the issue and help things “get better,” noting that while the program aims to address “men and masculinity,” the organizers “didn’t want this to be a ‘men’s program

19 year old woman has sex with 14 year old boy, and suddenly the sex offender registry is a problem.

nobody gives a shit when men are forced to register as sex offenders



Shawna is a 35-year-old woman who is legally prohibited from taking her kids to the park. That’s because she’s a sex offender.

Years earlier, on her 19th birthday, Shawna and her friends were drinking and celebrating. A teen boy expressed interest in her, and they slept together. He turned out to be 14 years old. His mother notified the authorities.

Now Shawna is spending the rest of her life on the sex offender registry, even though the mother of two is obviously no threat to children.

The Marshall Project recently released a short video interview with Shawna; it’s part of Untouchable, a documentary by Paul Feige about sex offender laws. I challenge anyone to watch the interview (embedded below) and not feel heartbroken for Shawna. This is a woman who made a mistake as a teenager—with another teenager—and will be paying for it the rest of her life. Employers have fired her when they learned about her status. She struggles to explain to her kids why their mother faces so many restrictions, and she must deal with the pariah status afforded to people who have been branded with “lewd or indecent proposals/acts to child” on a national online database.

Shawna’s story is just one more example of why sex offender registries are cruel and unjust. For every truly dangerous predator on the list, there are countless others who carry the “sex offender” label because they sexted a fellow teen or failed to realize they were hooking up with someone on the wrong side of the age-of-consent line. These people are very unlikely to reoffend, so there’s little practical reason to continue shaming them by maintaining a public list of their names.

Justice. Girl jailed for maliciously making up a rape allegation against a poor guy just trying to provide for his family.


  • Sophie Pointon told police she’d been sexually assaulted in the back of the cab 
  • Criminology student rang 999 in the early hours of April 22 this year then continued the deception by signing a statement giving an account of the attack 
  • The driver, a father-of-five, was tracked down and kept in custody for six hours 
  • It emerged driver didn’t accept kebab-soaked £10 which led to an argument
  • Pointon, 22, admitted perverting justice and has been jailed for 16 months

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She is a woman, she is educated, she is a doctor, and though she can earn for herself she prefers blackmailing men for money.

HYDERABAD: A 37-year-old woman homoeopath was arrested on Sunday for filing a false dowry complaint against her `husband’. The woman, Chivakula Saritha, a resident of Tarnaka in Secunderabad, had married twice earlier and extracted alimony from her former partners.

Saritha had in June lodged a complaint against her current husband Prakash Rao alleging that he was harassing her and her family for additional dowry . After the complaint, Prakash Rao was arrested.

After three days, Rao was released on bail. Later, on doing a background check on his wife, the victim found that Saritha had earlier married two other persons and filed similar dowry complaints against them too.

“Apart from the victim, another person also approached the police to lodge a complaint against her,” Rachakonda police commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat said.The commissioner said it was the first fake dowry case in their jurisdiction.

Earlier in 2005, Saritha had married one K Ramanadha Shankar, a Hubli resident , and filed a dowry case against him. Later, she demanded `6 lakh and 20 tolas of gold as compromise and took divorce from a court in Hubli.

In 2011, she again married, one Venkata Rambabu.After a month, she lodged a dowry harassment complaint against her husband and his family members. She demanded Rs9 lakh from her second husband as a compromise and took divorce from a local court.
“She also had an affair and lodged a complaint that the man had outraged her modesty and demanded money,” the commissioner ad ded. However, he refused to compromise and gave Rs80,000 to her.

After gathering infor mation about these cases, Rao approached Vanasthalipuram police last month and lodged a cheating case against Saritha. After investigation, police found the allegation levelled by Rao to be true and arrested Saritha.”In such cases, it is hard to find evidence against the culprit. In this case, police managed to find enough evidence (FIRs and marriage certificates). Otherwise, such cases are tricky ,” Bhagwat added.