YouTube Demonetizes Videos Such As “Baby Does The Dishes” Because The Creator Is Conservative

YouTube is going crazy again, and this time they’re demonetizing videos not because the content is something that goes against policy, but because of what the content creator believes socially and politicly and practices in her everyday life offline. She calls herself “Wife With A Purpose” and is dedicated to showing the world that homemakers are important to the existence of a functioning society and should be praised, not frowned upon. Videos on her YouTube channel such as “The Baby Does The Dishes,” “Garden With A Purpose 2017,” and “Happy Mothers Day” were all stripped of their advertisements with YouTube stating that the long list of videos wasn’t “suitable for advertisers.” Wife With A Purpose described what happened to her in a Gab post:

“YouTube just sent me an email saying they have demonetized nearly all of my videos as not being “suitable” for advertisers, including videos on skin and hair tips, my toddler helping to do the dishes, tips for homeschooling, planning Thanksgiving dinner and others! Absolutely outrageous (not that I actually make any money off of them but it’s the principle of the thing). Why are all these media outlets so terrified of my message about being a happy homemaker and conservative woman?”

A complete list of affected videos is included in her post. We all understand that YouTube is anti-white and pro-forced diversity, so it comes to us as little surprise that the video-sharing platform would demonetize videos that contain pro-white stances. But videos about skincare? Doesn’t YouTube have hundreds of e-celebs who make a living just by showing people how to properly apply their makeup? Why are parenting tips considered “not suitable” for advertisement? It isn’t because of the content, it’s because of the creator. One person commented,


YouTube Demonetizes Videos Such As “Baby Does The Dishes” Because The Creator Is Conservative

Problematic’ Phrases ‘British Values’, ‘Islamist’ Banned in the Classroom by Political Correctness-Obsessed SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has been slammed over guidance which claims that supposedly “offensive” terminology like “British values” could inspire terror attacks.

“The concept [of British values] can cause offence and could play into the hands of groups who seek to assert that there is an inherent conflict between being British and being Muslim”, Scottish teachers have been told. Defending the move, a spokesman said using the “wrong” words in the classroom could “amplify the rhetoric used by terrorists and violent extremists.”


UK Security Minister Ben Wallace accused Education Scotland of “putting PC [politically correct] politics before children’s safety” when the directive — which stresses the “importance of using appropriate and accurate” terms when discussing terror — came to light at the weekend.

Drawn up in partnership with the Scottish government, the Education Scotland document provides what it calls an “overview” of language which should and should not be used during classroom discussions on terror attacks and violent extremism, reports The Sun.


Featuring a list of terms divided into columns labelled “safe” and “problematic”, the Holyrood guide urged teachers to “think carefully before selecting the right words”.

With “British values” appearing in the “problematic” column, juxtaposed with the “safe” term “shared values”, educators learn from the paper that the former term could “cause offence”.