Debate over money laundering expected as Legislature resumes

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – An in-depth review of suspicious behaviour in local real estate will soon follow the one delivered last week about shady deals in our casinos.

Attorney General David Eby says the review will be one of the first orders of business when MLAs get back to work on Monday.

“Asking Peter German to take on a second round of investigation and review, this time around, money laundering in real estate, given a number of serious concerns that we have that have come out of his work and out of some media reports on that.”

Eby adds the former RCMP deputy commissioner, who recently uncovered evidence of money laundering in casinos, made 48 recommendations now being reviewed by ministry staff.

“At the end of the day, I think British Columbians recognize that this is not free money. That money that is the proceeds of crime starts with how the money was generated. We have a fentanyl crisis. We have crime on the streets as gangs fight over the proceeds of the drug trade.”

Eby is promising to make the 250-page document public soon, but he says people in this province have already made it clear they want the money laundering to stop.

He’s also encouraged by support from those who understand dealing with this means the government may lose money.

“Some people clearly had an understanding that they didn’t want to ask too many questions because there was a lot of money coming in to casinos that turned into revenue for government. I’m grateful for that support and for the confidence that the premier’s put in me to address this and for his willingness for our government to take a financial hit.”

Eby was recently in Ottawa where he sought stronger support from the federal government, as described Vancouver as being infamous for money laundering.


Debate over money laundering expected as Legislature resumes

Mueller Star Witness Against President Trump Is A Convicted Pedophile – Media Buries It

Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly is using a convicted pedophile, George Nader, as his star witness in his unending witch hunt against President Trump.

Mike Cernovich tweeted last week that dirty cop Mueller’s star witness in the Trump – Russia witch hunt is a child molester –




The media is burying the fact that Mueller’s star witness against President Trump was convicted of raping 10 year old boys.


The witness, Goerge Nader, has reportedly fled the country.



Creepy Mueller is now using pedophiles to implicate President Trump in Russia collusion?   Knowing that no crime related to collusion exists in US law?


Mueller Star Witness Against President Trump Is A Convicted Pedophile – Media Buries It