WMAF couple runs racist Asian restaurant called “Hotel Long Time”

I am most disappointed to say that this is happening all over again. How many times have we written, read and discussed why naming a restaurant/bar/hotel after racist tropes and slurs is just not okay? I mean how hard is it to comprehend? Usually it is non Asian owners doing stupid shit like this thinking that by poking fun at the “perceived” Asian accent and using racial tropes for shits and gigs is respecting the culture and traditions. But this time I am most ashamed and disappointed to report that this particular case is owned by an Asian Australian. And she really does not see that the name of her gastropub/hotel is wrong on every level.


The gastropub is called “HOTEL LONGTIME” and it is based in Adelaide, South Australia. And yes it is themed around this racial stereotype. It not only is racist but it is misogynistic and perpetuates further fetishisation of Asian women. To add fuel to the fire the gastropub is themed around this racist trope and has added a “PING PONG CLUB ROOM”, which the owners describe as a “gentlemen’s lodge”. Mmmhmm this is what we are playing with. If you have been hiding under the rock, this Asian-themed gastropub is based on the extremely racist Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket: “Me so horny, me love you long time”This line has been made famous by sick non Asian men and has been used to devalue, fetishsise, objectify and belittle Asian women. In the movie it was uttered by a young Vietnamese prostitute to American soldiers set during the Vietnam War.


The gastropub is owned by Vietnamese Australian TIN CHU and her partner ALEX FAHEY. Chu is claiming ignorance on the whole thing and is playing victim stating that it is impacting on her business this controversy. She also claims she had no clue on the origins of the “LONGTIME” usage as well as the history behind this racial trope. My opinion? I call foul on this. This is what she told Adelaide Now:


Australian Pub Embroiled In Controversy Over Its Name “HOTEL LONGTIME” And Its Theme

Human Sacrifice is still happening around the World and the Lust for Blood is on the Rise!

We see it in Abortion, Black Magic Ceremonies, Drug Cartel Murders, Witch Doctors Rituals, Exorcisms gone bad and Cult Activity

All Killing and Murder is a Blood Sacrifice to Satan!

Psalms 1:15-16 “My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path: 16 For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.”

John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

See much more on Human Sacrifice here.

Warren Manger Features Writer The Mirror UK – The deadliest heatwave to hit India for more than 100 years has killed more than 2,500 people as temperatures soared to 50C and even the roads melted. But even among so many deaths, the murder of Thepa Kharia stands out.

A few weeks ago neighbours of the 55-year-old labourer found his body in a pool of blood at his home in an isolated village 280 miles west of Calcutta.

And it was only his body – his head had been hacked off by an occult group called the Orkas, who buried it in a parched ­farmer’s field in a bloody ritual meant to summon the rain and save their shrivelling crops.

Days later the annual monsoon finally reached the southern tip of India. Then the rain worked its way slowly across the country, chasing away the searing heat.

But the downpour will not wash away the stain left by Thepa’s murder. His death has exposed a sick superstition that simmers beneath the surface in remote parts of India and has now boiled over in the searing heat.

Human sacrifice, for years assumed to live on only in fictional works like horror film The Wicker Man, is in fact alive and well in the 21st century. One case was even recorded right here in Britain as recently as 2001.

When the torso of a five-year-old boy was found floating in the River Thames near Shakespeare’s Globe, police found that his head, arms and legs had been cut cleanly off and what remained of his body had been entirely drained of blood.

The main clue to his fate came when a lab report showed his intestine contained traces of the African calabar bean, a powerful poison used by adherents of voodoo. This creates paralysis without any anaesthetic effect, meaning the victim would have felt every cut of the knife in a sickening ritual.

He was named as Adam by officers in the case, who also released a photo of a Nigerian boy they believed might be him. But his identity was never confirmed and his killers were never caught.

Human sacrifice is far more common in countries like India where a minority of tantric shamans still promote it to gullible communities of uneducated peasants.

Best known in the West as techniques to prolong and ­intensify sexual pleasure, in remote areas tantric rituals loosely derived from the Hindu faith can also include animal, and, in extreme cases, human sacrifice to please the gods and guarantee good luck.

It is so widespread that in 2006 there were 28 cases of human sacrifice in just four months in the northern province of Uttar Pradesh.

In one particularly gruesome example one couple were so desperate for a son they consulted a local shaman.

On his advice Madan and Murti Simaru kidnapped six-year-old Mona Kumar from a neighbouring family, took him to a river bank and mutilated his body as the priest chanted over them. Then they killed the boy and washed themselves in his blood to complete the fertility ritual.

In May this year a “tantric sorcerer” was lynched after he beheaded five-year-old Sanatan Bag in front of his parents on a tea plantation in the north-eastern state of Assam. And in the south-eastern province of Andhra Pradesh a boy of 14 was abducted by a sect searching for hidden treasure in 2012.

They took him to an abandoned fort and slaughtered him under a new moon, believing that this would please ancients spirits who would then show them how to find the treasure.

Later the same year a man sacrificed his own wife in the hope of a bountiful harvest.

And in 2011 a seven-year-old girl Lalita Tati was murdered and her liver cut out as an offering to the Hindu goddess Durga by two farmers hoping for a better crop.

Indian police officer AK Singh, who has investigated many human sacrifices, reveals: “It’s often an open-and-shut case. It isn’t difficult to get confessions.

“Normally the villagers or the families of the victims do that for us. But there is little we can doto stop it. These people are living in the dark ages.”

Human sacrifice also continues across the border in Bangladesh. In 2010 a brickmaker was arrested for killing one of his labourers and pouring the blood on his field to improve the quality of his mud bricks.

On the opposite side of the planet in Mexico, human sacrifice is usually associated with the ancient Aztec civilization, where priests would cut out the still-beating heart of a victim at the top of a pyramid.

But three years ago a sickening triple murder raised fears that a similar ritual is making a comeback. Eight members of one family were charged with kidnapping and murdering two boys aged 10 and a woman of 55 in the copper mining town of Nacozari a few miles from the US border. The victims had been sacrificed to Santa Muerte (Saint Death), a rapidly growing cult in Mexico which is popular with drug smugglers and cartel hitmen. The victims’ throats and wrists had been slashed so the blood could be collected and spread on a sacrificial altar.

Two of the bodies were buried near the family’s home, but one of the boys was buried in the dirt floor of their shack.

Andrew Chesnut, chairman of Catholic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, says there have been other recent reports of human sacrifice in Mexico. He said: “With no clerical authority to stop them, some practitioners engage in abhorrent rituals.”

But the real hotbed of human ­sacrifice is Africa, where poor or ­disabled women and children can be hunted down and sold to witch doctors who sacrifice them then “harvest” the body parts. In Tanzania, hunters target albinos born with snow-white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

Widely regarded as devils, they are ­regularly blamed for natural ­tragedies such as deaths and droughts.

However, their organs are used to make charms or potions that are used in medicine meant to lift curses or to bring great riches.

In many cases the victims are carved up while they are still alive to make the potions “more potent”.

Angel Salvatory, 19, had to run for her life when a gang led by her own father attacked her. She had spent her teenage years at the Kabanga Protection Centre, a government safe house for albinos. Her mother Bestida Simon said: “Her father thought she was a gift from God he could use to get riches. He had wanted to attack her since she was three months old.”

Across the continent in Uganda it’s not just albino children at risk. The charity KidsRights believes hundreds of children have been murdered in recent years by a network of witch doctors who have turned human sacrifice into a lucrative business.

Children are chosen because their purity and innocence is supposed to make the sacrifice all the more potent. The government has formed a task-force to tackle the epidemic, but campaigners say the new body has underestimated the scale of the problem and is not bringing enough killers to justice.

KidsRights spokeswoman Lydia van der Putten said: “In many of these cases, body parts were removed by witch doctors when the children were still alive.

“Such sacrificial rituals, and the subsequent wearing, burying or eating of a child’s body parts, are thought to bring business success, personal prosperity and health.”

Polino Angela, an ex-witch-doctor who now campaigns against human sacrifice, claims to have killed 70 people. He says he was initiated at a ceremony in Kenya, where a boy of 13 was sacrificed. He said: “The child was cut with a knife and from the neck down was ripped open, then put on me.”

He even claims to have sacrificed his own 10-year-old son on his bosses’ orders.

He said: “I deceived my wife and made sure that everyone else had gone away and I was with my child alone. Once he was placed down on the ground I used a big knife and brought it down like a guillotine.”

With more reports from Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, there are fears human sacrifice is spreading.

It seems these dark and terrifying rituals are anything but a dying art.

Visit the Mirror for many Images and Video


Human Sacrifice is still happening around the World and the Lust for Blood is on the Rise!

Two convicted ‘honour’ killers to be deported from Canada


Two people convicted of killing four female relatives in a so-called “honour” killing in Canada have had their permanent residencies revoked.

Mohammad Shafia and his wife Tooba Yahya were found guilty of the murder of their three teenage daughters and Shafia’s first wife in 2012.

Their son Hamed was also sent to prison for his role in the murders.

Yahya and Shafia will be sent back to their native Afghanistan once they are released from jail.

The orders, requested by the Canada Border Services Agency, were issued for serious criminality and come with no right of appeal.

All three family members are serving 25-year life sentences for the killing of sisters Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, and Rona Amir Mohammad, 52.

Their bodies were found in June 2009 in a car submerged in a canal in the city of Kingston, Ontario.

During the 2012 trial, prosecutors said Mohammad Shafia was angered that his two eldest daughters wanted boyfriends, in defiance of his values.

The court heard how he had become increasingly angry and upset with his three teenage daughters for having secret relationships with boys and wearing revealing clothes.


The jury was told the decision to murder the four women was made after 19-year-old Zainab took refuge in a shelter, defying her male relatives.

The trio appealed their conviction in 2015 and lost.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRC) revoked Shafia’s permanent residency on 27 February. Yahya’s was revoked at a hearing in Montreal on Thursday.

The IRC said on Friday it had no information regarding Hamed’s citizenship.

The Shafia family left Afghanistan in 1992. They came to Canada in 2007, having previously lived in Australia, Pakistan and Dubai.


Foreign-Born CAIR Officials Declare African-American a ‘Racist’…


Florida: Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Weekly smear African-American teacher as “racist” for opposing jihad terror


The Orlando Weekly’s Xander Peters frames the story this way: “Orange County middle school teacher has an incredibly racist Twitter account.” According to Peters, this teacher “retweeted an anti-Muslim post by Identify [sic] Evropa, a white supremacist group that aims to create a white ethnostate.”

Neither the Orlando Weekly nor the Orlando Sentinel show you a photo of the teacher in question, but I will. Click here for a photo of Sundai Brown, accused racist and white supremacist.

What race is she supposedly attacking? Jihad terror and Islamization. Islam, as any sane person knows, is not a race, and Muslims are not of a single race, but of all races. But the Orlando Weekly and Orlando Sentinel are out to destroy Sundai Brown’s career and livelihood, for the crime of opposing jihad terror and Islamization. She has reportedly tweeted that “imans [sic] worldwide instruct muslims to invade western countries, outbreed them, overthrow governments, kill infidels and implement sharia law.” Are there imams and other Muslim leaders who have preached such things? Yes. Examples are not hard to find. She has also retweeted posts from Identity Evropa, which both the Weekly and the Sentinel call “Identify Evropa,” and which they claim is white supremacist because the hard-Left ADL says so. Is the ADL a reliable guide to such matters? That’s highly questionable, but not to the Weekly or the Sentinel. In any case, even if Identity Evropa is white supremacist, to argue that Sundai Brown is also white supremacist for retweeting something they said, or tainted by or responsible for all their views because she retweeted them, is ridiculous by any rational measure.

This witch hunt against Sundai Brown is just one of many nowadays. People who express the slightest opposition to jihad terror, or any hesitation about the project of inundating Western countries with Muslim migrants, and not just tarred as racist, bigoted, Islamophobes — that defamation has been going on for well over a decade — but now are targeted professionally. The Leftist/Islamic alliance, through its tools in the establishment media, wants to drive all those who do not echo the hard-Left agenda out of the public sphere altogether. They’re applying Hillary Clinton’s call to use “peer pressuring and shaming” against those who get out of line, and endeavoring quite simply to destroy all dissent and all dissenters.

I’ve been subjected to this for years. The cowardly establishment Right has long been intimidated into avoiding me and all others who speak about how jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence. And a few years ago, the thuggish hatemonger Nathan Lean of Georgetown University led a campaign to get me canceled from a speaking engagement in California that had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam or jihad; he wants me and others who speak the truth about the jihad threat to be shunned and ostracized everywhere. This extends even to basic efforts to make a living. The Washington Post a couple of years ago got Terry Jones, the famous Qur’an-burning pastor, fired from driving for Uber. It’s clear that if I quit this work today and got a job selling real estate or driving a truck, the likes of Lean and the WaPo, and/or other Leftist totalitarians, would publicize it and get me fired.

But that’s just me. After all these years, I am used to this, and expect it. Sundai Brown, however, is a different story. She is not a professional activist or writer. She is a schoolteacher. A private citizen. She and others like her do not deserve this public shaming and persecution simply for opposing what everyone should oppose, jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression. If Bridgewater Middle School or Valencia College fire her, there should be protests. Every lover of freedom in the Orlando area should, if Brown is fired, picket the Bridgewater Middle School and/or Valencia College, asking why they’re carrying water for murderers and oppressors.

It is high time we push back against this incipient totalitarianism, and put an end to this “peer pressure and shaming” and destruction of people’s lives and careers because they said something that the Leftist establishment doesn’t like. If we don’t, it’s clear: this totalitarian straitjacket will be applied to us ever more tightly, until it won’t be possible for anyone to be employed anywhere unless they say and think what Big Brother demands that they say and think.

Say no to this now. Say yes to free thought. Stand with Sundai Brown.

“Orange teacher’s anti-Muslim Twitter posts concern parents,” by Leslie Postal, Orlando Sentinel, March 8, 2018:

An Orange County middle school teacher’s Twitter posts criticizing Muslims and seeming to endorse white supremacy groups have upset some parents at the school, who learned about the social media writings this week.

The posts by Sundai Brown, 51, a teacher at Bridgewater Middle School, include one that reads, “Imans [sic] worldwide instruct muslims to invade western countries, outbreed them, overthrow governments, kill infidels and implement sharia law,” according to screen shots of her post shared on Twitter and Facebook.

In another, she retweeted a post that read, “If you think Hurricane Irma is bad, wait till you get a load of Hurricane Allah.”

She also retweeted an anti-Muslim post by a far-right Dutch politician and a post by Identify [sic] Evropa, which calls itself a group “for people of European heritage.” The Anti-Defamation League, however, calls it a white supremacist group that pushes the idea America is not meant to be a multiracial society.

Inquiries from the news media prompted Bridgewater’s principal, Andrew Jackson, to send a brief telephone message to parents Tuesday night. He told them the posts were from 2017 and added, “We addressed these concerns with the teacher at the time.”

Jackson’s message went on to say, “The school district does not condone or interfere in social media posts of employees unless there is a violation of the professional code of ethics.”

School district spokesman Kathy Marsh said Brown remained employed with the district and that she could not say whether the posts prompted a district investigation.

Brown, listed as a social studies teacher, has taught for the Orange school district since 2010. According to her Linked In profile, she is also an adjunct professor at Valencia College.

She could not be reached for comment.

Parent Ethan Allen, who has a son at Bridgewater, said initially he had no idea what principal’s call was about when he heard it Tuesday night. But after he and others began asking questions on Facebook, a man from the Tampa Bay area posted screen shots of Brown’s posts.

On Tuesday, that man, Daniel Quinn, tagged the Orange County school district in tweets about Brown, asking why someone who “regularly posts anti-Muslim hate speech” was a public school teacher. “What action are you taking?” he wrote.

Quinn said he heard about Brown’s posts from a friend, who has a child at Bridgewater, and as a retired school social worker was “outraged” that a public school teacher would publicly share “such hateful and bigoted views.” Brown, he added, shut down her Twitter account Tuesday, after he started sharing what she had posted….

TTC to install gate at Queens Quay streetcar tunnel after another car drives in, gets stuck

After Toronto police say an impaired driver drove down into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel, the TTC will be installing a gate near the tunnel’s entrance, the transit agency told Global News.

Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said officers were called to the tunnel, located in the middle of Queens Quay West near Bay Street, at around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday. When police arrived, she said they found the male driver behind the wheel.

“The engine was running. [The driver] was in the driver’s seat. He had to be brought out … his foot was on the gas and the rear wheels were still spinning,” Douglas-Cook said.

“[The vehicle] was into the tunnel approximately 300 metres before it got stuck on the tracks.”

She said the man was arrested and charged with impaired driving.

This is the second incident in a week which saw a vehicle enter the streetcar-only tunnel.

READ MORE: Vehicle drives into Toronto’s Queens Quay streetcar tunnel … again

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told Global News there have been approximately more than two dozen instances in which transit staff were notified of vehicles making it into the tunnel. TTC staff have installed signs and lights in an effort to prevent vehicles from entering the streetcar right-of-way.

After the incident on Sunday, Ross said staff began looking at gate designs. He said the gate, which could be similar to ones used in parking garages, would potentially be triggered by a transponder on the streetcar.

Ross said these types of incidents have a major impact on the TTC’s operations.


TTC to install gate at Queens Quay streetcar tunnel after another car drives in, gets stuck