English National Ballet’s artistic director, 43, is accused of ‘double standards’ over relationship with lead dancer, 27, after BANNING other ballerinas from having flings with co-stars

The artistic director of English National Ballet has been accused of hypocrisy after embarking on an affair with a lead dancer – after banning ballerinas from having flings with co-stars.

Tamara Rojo, 43, is in an 18-month long relationship with boyfriend Isaac Hernandez, 27, who is her subordinate and a senior dancer at the company.

But she has come under fire  after she allegedly told ball master, Jose Martin, that he could not remain with the company and be in a relationship with dancer, Kerry Birkett.

Mr Martin and Ms Birkett left the publicly funded company in 2013 and got married.


A source told The Times that they had heard Ms Rojo say in reference to Mr Martin that she considered it ‘unprofessional’ for artistic staff to be in a relationship with a dancer.

Another source told the newspaper there was a perception of double standards. They said: ‘That was definitely something I witnessed — she tells you an expectation or gives you a rule, but then her own people are just breaking them.’

Employees said they also felt uncomfortable about Ms Rojo’s relationship with Mr Hernández because of a perceived conflict of interest, but the couple denied this.

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