Marvel-Netflix’s Jessica Jones Admits to Discrimination Against Men in Director Search. Didn’t even give male directors a chance to be a part of the second season

And assembling the all-women lineup, it turns out, wasn’t hard to do. “It didn’t take a lot of effort to fill those slots,” Rosenberg says. “There’s a lot of highly qualified and talented female directors out there, so what we did was simply open the door. It wasn’t like we had to give a bunch of women their first break. It was just being inclusive.”

“It wasn’t like I was doing them any favors,” she continues. “They were doing us a favor by joining our roster. And, you know, we’re looking forward to the day when we’re not even having this conversation, we’re just talking about them as qualified people who happen to be women. Hopefully, we’re there someday, but now? Not yet.”

Which is why, ahead of the second season’s debut, the series has made sure to celebrate its female filmmakers by tweeting introductions to several of the directors. Take a look at the tweets below:

55% of chinese tech starts up are by women VS 22% in the US

In China’s booming technology sector women play a bigger role than men – more than 55 per cent of tech start-ups are founded by women, according to the country’s State Council, compared to 22 per cent in the US. Here is a look at some of the women leaders in the industry.