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Qantas airline who called all men paedophiles now tells male employees to stop ‘manterrupting’ women

An Australian airline has reportedly released a pamphlet advising employees not to “manterrupt” women and to use gender-neutral language.

Qantas airline staff are said to have received an information pack as part of its “Spirit of Inclusion” month detailing a list of potentially offensive terms.

Staff were also allegedly told to avoid words such as “mum” and “dad” and “husband” and “wife” as they could be seen to exclude same-sex couples and single parent families.

Employees were also advised to “minimise manterruptions” in which men in the workplace “interrupt or speak over women” and that words like “love, honey and darling” often offend.

The list of instructions was leaked to the Sydney publication The Daily Telegraph.




Are all men potential pedophiles? If you’re a passenger on a Qantas Airways or Virgin Australia flight, the answer is yes, as both airlines have policies forbidding adult men from sitting next to unaccompanied minors. Dismayed at being so negatively stereotyped, men are speaking out down under to protest this profiling. Daniel McCluskie, the second 30-something man in a week to come forward, told The Age, “It seemed I had this sign I couldn’t see above my head that said ‘child molester’ or ‘kiddie fiddler.'”




UK: It is just laughable now: Two-year inquiry into policeman accused of raping two women collapses in seconds after one of his alleged victims admitted she may have mixed him up with ‘someone else’

An inquiry into a policeman accused of rape and sexual assaults collapsed after an alleged victim said she may have mixed him up with ‘someone else’.

Father-of-two Sergeant Blair Pettigrew, 35, was investigated by 30 officers for two years who ended up interviewing more than 200 witnesses.

He was due to face trial at Edinburgh High Court for allegedly raping two women – one while he was in his police uniform – in Glasgow and Ayrshire, but his case was thrown out.

All charges against him were dropped after a message from an alleged victim suggested she had made a mistake.

The 34-year-old woman, who cannot be named, claims to have only told Police Scotland officers what they wanted to hear and reportedly said in an email: ‘I told you I didn’t know him’.

A source told The Scottish Sun: ‘This is a major embarrassment for police. This has been nothing short of a disaster. Heads may very well roll when the full details emerge.’

Sergeant Pettigrew, from Ayrshire, was accused of raping two women and sexually assaulting a third woman. He was also charged for allegedly gathering information on women after accessing the Scottish Intelligence Database.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5468413/Case-policeman-accused-raping-two-women-collapses.html#ixzz58zTDHSeo
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Vancouver’s Trans Am Totem needs new home before it ends up in artist’s driveway

Love it or hate it, one of Vancouver’s most memorable pieces of public art will be coming down in September 2018, and so far, it doesn’t have anywhere to go.

The highly Instagrammed installation of five cars stacked on top of an old-growth cedar tree, known as the Trans Am Totem, was created by artist Marcus Bowcott and his wife Helene Aspinall, specifically for its current location near the Georgia Viaduct, but because it is part of a Vancouver Biennale public art exhibition, it was only scheduled for a two-year run.

That timeline was extended by the city for another two years, but a representative says when that comes to an end in September, the city will be looking to remove it.