Court Forces Doctor to Euthanize Patient or Face Professional Sanction

A court in Ontario, Canada, has ruled that a patient’s desire to be euthanized trumps a doctor’s conscientious objection. Doctors there now face the cruel choice between complicity in what they consider a grievous wrong—killing a sick or disabled patient—and the very real prospect of legal or professional sanction.

A little background: In 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada conjured a right to lethal-injection euthanasia for anyone with a medically diagnosable condition that causes irremediable suffering—as defined by the patient. No matter if palliative interventions could significantly reduce painful symptoms, if the patient would rather die, it’s the patient’s right to be killed. Parliament then kowtowed to the court and legalized euthanasia across Canada. Since each province administers the country’s socialized single-payer health-care system within its bounds, each provincial parliament also passed laws to accommodate euthanasia’s legalization.

Not surprisingly, that raised the thorny question of what is often called “medical conscience,” most acutely for Christian doctors as well as those who take seriously the Hippocratic oath, which prohibits doctors from participating in a patient’s suicide. These conscientious objectors demanded the right not to kill patients or to be obliged to “refer” patients to a doctor who will. Most provinces accommodated dissenting doctors by creating lists of practitioners willing to participate in what is euphemistically termed MAID (medical assistance in dying).

But Ontario refused that accommodation. Instead, its euthanasia law requires physicians asked by a legally qualified patient either to do the deed personally or make an “effective referral” to a “non-objecting available and accessible physician, nurse practitioner, or agency .  .  . in a timely manner.”

A group of physicians sued to be exempted from the requirement, arguing rightly that the euthanize-or-refer requirement is a violation of their Charter-protected right (akin to a constitutional right) to “freedom of conscience and religion.”

Unfortunately, the reviewing court acknowledged that while forced referral does indeed “infringe the rights of religious freedom .  .  . guaranteed under the Charter,” this enumerated right must nonetheless take a back seat to the court-invented right of “equitable access to such medical services as are legally available in Ontario,” which the court deemed a “natural corollary of the right of each individual to life, liberty, and the security of the person.” Penumbras, meet emanations.

And if physicians don’t want to commit what they consider a cardinal sin, being complicit in a homicide? The court bluntly ruled: “It would appear that, for these [objecting] physicians, the principal, if not the only, means of addressing their concerns would be a change in the nature of their practice if they intend to continue practicing medicine in Ontario.” In other words, a Catholic oncologist with years of advanced training and experience should stop treating cancer patients and become a podiatrist. (An appeal is expected.)

WMAF Violence: American tourist who killed a Japanese woman and put her head in a suitcase was a “momma’s boy, discharged from from the airforce”. In one month, he still managed to sleep with several Japanese women before and dismembering one

A Long Island tourist arrested in Japan as he transported the severed head of a womanin his suitcase was a coddled “mama’s boy” who served briefly in the US Air Force, The Post has learned.


Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, 26, was on vacation when authorities busted him leaving his Osaka rental with the grisly remains of a Japanese woman he had met on a dating site last month.

Little is known about Bayraktar, who lived in a modest bungalow in Mastic Beach with his mother and her third husband.

He was briefly stationed at the McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas before he was “separated” from the service in June 2012, serving only 11 months of a four-year stint as an airman first class, an Air Force spokesman told The Post.

He refused to say why Bayraktar was prematurely discharged.

Bayraktar was born in Odessa, Russia, and arrived in the US as a 9-year-old after his mother married a Texas engineer she met on a dating site.

“He and his mother were very close, but he and I were not,” said Benny Dacy, Bayraktar’s former stepfather, who now lives in Houston.

Dacy traveled to Odessa to meet his future bride, who was 12 years his junior and trained as an engineer. She lived with her only son in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, Dacy told The Post.

Dacy flew them to the US where he married Regina in a civil ceremony at the city hall in Abilene, Texas, where he then had a home.

Dacy said he tried to cultivate a relationship with the boy, but he kept to himself and was very close to his mother.

“He was a mama’s boy,” said Dacy. “If we were having dinner and he didn’t like the food, his mother would get up in the middle of the meal to cook him something special, and this was at a time when we didn’t have a lot of money.”

Dacy, 69, told The Post that Bayraktar, who was known as “Jake” when he lived in Texas, maintained contact with his biological father, a doctor who sometimes sent him money from Russia.

After Dacy financed Regina’s nursing-school studies in Texas, she and her son simply disappeared, he said.

“She called once to ask me for a divorce but I had no idea where they were until the news hit,” Dacy said. “It was the most traumatic time of my life when she just left me. She is a very selfish woman.”

Regina, who is married to another engineer, works as a registered nurse at a rehab facility in the Hamptons, according to a LinkedIn profile which was taken down last week.

Bayraktar was arrested Feb. 22 on suspicion of killing and dismembering Saki Kondo, 27, who was reported missing by her family on Feb. 16, a day after she went on a date with Bayraktar.

Police said that Bayraktar, who had been traveling in Japan since January, met the victim on an online dating site and took her to a vacation home he rented in Osaka, where he allegedly dismembered her between Feb. 16 and Feb. 18. He was on his way to another apartment he rented when police arrested him with Kondo’s severed head in his baggage, according to Japanese authorities.

Last week Bayraktar led police to the remaining body parts he allegedly buried in a forest on the outskirts of Osaka and Kyoto.


More body parts believed from missing Hyogo woman found in Osaka and Kyoto

He had taken several other women to the same condominium, all of whom have been confirmed safe, according to the police.

WMAF Violence: Asian woman conducts study that shows Asian being the only race where the women are mostly murdered by white men. -> specific page that mention violence against Asian women.

Violence against Asian and Diasproic Asian Women

“Thus, while Blacks most often fall victim to Black offenders and Whites most often fall victim to White offenders, Asians most often fall victim to White offenders, not Asian.”

original Source ->

Looks like people are going to have a field day. Violence against Asian are not by someone of their own race but usually of another.


Asian woman conducts study that shows Asian being the only race where the women are mostly murdered by white men. from hapas