POLICE: Illegal Immigrant Dismembered Man, Stuffed Body In Suitcase

“He had been deported four times prior, he is a convicted felon and he’s a very violent person.”

Police in Washington State revealed on Thursday that a man who was arrested in a horrifying murder in one of the state’s sanctuary cities is an illegal alien who was wanted by federal immigration authorities.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials were seeking 37-year-old Rosalio Ramos-Ramos late last year, and nearly apprehended him from a hospital to which police had transferred him before he managed to slip out, Circa News reported.

Timeline of events:

  • Kent Police arrested Ramos-Ramos in October after they got a call about an alleged sexual assault and discovered methamphetamine on him.
  • After arriving at Kent Jail, Ramos-Ramos said he wanted to die and then attacked the corrections staff when they tried to get his fingerprints so they could verify his identity, injuring five.
  • Ramos-Ramos sustained a head injury during the altercation and was transported to an unidentified local hospital for evaluation and treatment.
  • The local hospital transported him to Harborview Medical Center where he was placed in a medically-induced coma because he was acting violently toward the hospital staff.
  • During his stay at Harborview, police learned his identity after ICE contacted them.
  • ICE was not able to arrest Ramos-Ramos in the hospital because it is considered a “sensitive location.”
  • Police said they would keep a close eye on Ramos-Ramos but the hospital reportedly was not very cooperative and was “reluctant” to give them information.
  • Police said they called the hospital and notified them that they were on their way to apprehend Ramos-Ramos when they were told they let him go the night before.
  • On January 10, Ramos-Ramos’ brother called the police and reported that he had a history of “mental illness” and “was upset and throwing things around the apartment.”
  • On January 11, police were called to a nearby apartment after they received a call about an abandoned suitcase which had a dismembered body in it that police identified as Pedro Venegas-Ramos, the suspect’s cousin.