Emasculated Mark Ruffalo: men “have to make a safe space inside of our privilege for women to speak up”

Mark Ruffalo, actor, portrayer of The Hulk, and SJW extraordinaire went full sexist in a recent interview with Buzzfeed.

Speaking of privilege and protecting women, Ruffalo claimed women need men’s help to speak their minds and share their experiences.


Ruffalo’s comments encapsulate the liberal notion that no freedom exists unless a special group intervenes and grants their coveted permission. And that deciding group is, conveniently, always the one doing the explaining. They always know better, you see. They’re always better able to help you and represent your interests than you yourself.

The elitism is nauseating.

Not only is this view horribly patronizing, but Ruffalo seems wholly unaware that he’s acting as the patriarchal control mechanism new-wave feminism always (claims it) rails against. Bonus, he’s effectively mansplaining what women need.

Needless to say, the response was uniformly unimpressed:



‘See you in court’: The full bombshell texts sent by a vengeful ex to her friend that CLEARED a BT engineer of raping her

A teenager suspected of rape spent three months in custody because police did not disclose text messages that proved his innocence, he has claimed.

BT engineer Connor Fitzgerald, 19, was arrested last year after a complaint was made against him.

But charges were dropped only last week when it emerged that the complainant, who is entitled to lifelong anonymity, had sent texts threatening to destroy him.

One of the messages read: ‘I’m not just going to mess up his life, I’m going to ruin it lol [laugh out loud].’

Another read: ‘I’ll see you in court’.

The case is the latest in a string of investigations or trials that have collapsed after police failed to disclose vital evidence to defence lawyers.

Mr Fitzgerald, from South Norwood, south London, told The Sun: ‘It’s been heartbreaking. It felt like I was guilty until proven innocent. My life has been ruined. I’m scared to even leave the house because everyone thinks I’m a rapist.’

It comes after Scotland Yard apologised to Liam Allan for failing to provide vital text messages during the 22-year-old’s rape trial, in which he was found not guilty.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5331961/Engineer-spent-three-months-jail-false-rape-claim.html#ixzz55nHM0X9c
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Fake News Network CNN uses gay-sex study to promote threesomes to male-female couples

WASHINGTON DC, January 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – CNN, “The most trusted name in news,” misinterpreted a recent study on threesomes among homosexuals to suggest that the practice, also known as “cuckolding,” was normal among male-female couples.

In an article titled Cuckolding can be positive for some couples, study says, CNN author Ian Kerner states that “a recent study by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage” shows that “acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weakness.” Kerner is listed at the end of the article as a “licensed psychotherapist and sexuality counselor in New York City.”

“Indeed, the numbers suggest that cuckolding, or at least thinking about it, is more common than you might imagine,” stated the CNN article.

Cuckolding is the practice of viewing one’s partner engaging in sexual activity with a third partner for the purpose of becoming sexually aroused. It is essentially adultery under a different name.

What goes unmentioned until much later in the article, however, is that the study which forms the basis of the CNN report was based on an online survey of 580 gay men who engage in cuckolding behaviors or fantasies.

CNN failed to mention the source material for the study as if it were inconsequential to its reporting while, apparently accepting its questionable methodology.

In so doing, CNN led its reading audience to think that “cuckolding” is a common practice among married male-female couples, and that science affirms the goodness of extramarital affairs and fantasies.

However, the study is not based on married male-female couples: it focused almost exclusively on homosexual couples who practice “consensual non-monogamy.” Titled The Psychology of Gay Men’s Cuckolding Fantasies, the study’s survey participants were largely drummed up from pro-homosexual social media sites, including those belonging to homosexual activist Dan Savage.

While this fact was hidden from CNN readers, the author’s of the study made the bias clear: “This research is also limited due to the fact that we advertised this as a study of cuckolding fantasies and recruited participants from sources where men with this sexual interest may be over-represented. As such, it is unclear whether the results are generalizable,” states the study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior Journal.



Google partners with anti-Semitic, pro-Hamas Muslim group

While hounding and censoring those who dissent from the hard-Left line. Google, YouTube and the rest are not neutral platforms in the slightest degree. Their hegemony must be ended, or the freedom of speech will be a dead letter.


“Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Islamists,” by Steven Emerson, IPT News, January 30, 2018:

Why are Google and YouTube sponsoring a day-long symposium featuring a roster of speakers including known Islamist anti-Semites, as well as known militant Islamists who are long time Israel bashers and Hamas supporters? And why are Google and YouTube providing a forum for Islamists who approve of Sharia-imposed “death by stoning?”

This Wednesday’s online conference by the British-based Imams Online features a rogues’ gallery of Islamists and virulently anti-Semitic, anti-Israel speakers – and it’s all being done “in official partnership with Google and YouTube.

One of the conference’s three primary goals is “Tackling Rising Islamophobia and the Far Right Threat.”

“Islamophobe is what politically correct bullies call people like you and me when we call out radical Islam for what it is,” says Muslim reformist Raheel Raza. “…They actually call me, a practicing Muslim woman, an Islamophobe. Why? Because I speak out against radical Islam.”

But spreading the false claim of rising Islamophobia actually can be seen as a national security threat. This is because that concept is based upon the false notion that there is a Western conspiracy against Islam – and that is the primary claim and motivation that induces jihadi terrorist attacks on western targets.

“Islamists hope to insulate themselves from charges of supporting jihadi violence by shooting off accusations of ‘Islamophobia,’” Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes, himself smeared as an “Islamophobe,” told the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). “Sadly, not only do many not-too-bright individuals of good will fall for this deception, but in the process, this ploy becomes a national security threat by confirming jihadi paranoia about the world being out to destroy Islam.”


“For Google and YouTube to provide a worldwide forum for a group that includes known antisemites and bigots is irresponsible and beyond the pale,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “Rather than promote tolerance and human dignity, it provides them with an enormous platform to further spew their anti-Semitism and hate! We call on Google and YouTube to immediately cancel the event!”

Google’s participation in the Imams Online summit stands in sharp contrast to its ongoing censorship of pro-Israel voices, including Prager University. Google-owned YouTube has restricted access to Prager U’s pro-Israel videos and has removed dozens of other videos for no apparent reason other than Google does not like Prager’s politics. It has likewise censored pro-Israel videos by Alan Dershowitz. This double standard belies its claims of neutrality.

Google is not the first social media giant to enter into a partnership with this highly questionable Islamic group. Faith Associates, the parent company of Imams Online, partnered in 2016 with Facebook and Twitter.


And in a similar action last November, Facebook partnered with the Muslim group Faith Associates to launch an online guide entitled “Keeping Muslims Safe Online,” targeting “hate speech.” Facebook has never offered a similar guide for other religions. Simon Milner, Head of Policy UK at Facebook, stated: “We’re proud to be supporting Faith Associates in the development of their online safety guide. Facebook welcomes all communities, and there is no place for hate on the platform.”

Yet investigative journalist and lawyer Judith Bergman noted at the Gatestone Institute: “It is curious that of all the groups Facebook could have chosen to ‘protect’ – if one is to believe that Facebook intends to ‘protect’ other groups as well – it chose Muslims. Are Muslims the most targeted group in the world today? In Canada, according to fresh statistics, hate crimes against Muslims have fallen while hate crimes against Jews have risen. In the United States, according to Gatestone’s A. Z. Mohamed: ‘Since 1992… anti-Semitic incidents have been higher than those perpetrated against other groups.’”

In line with Facebook’s inexplicable decision to host a conference with speakers, some of whose public records are parallel with neo-Nazis’ statements, we decided to check the backgrounds of the speakers at the Google/YouTube conference. And what sources of information did we primarily use? Google, YouTube and Twitter.


Google partners with anti-Semitic, pro-Hamas Muslim group

Far-Left Leader Jagmeet Singh, Says Innocent Until Proven Guilty only applies to courts

If your wondering why you didn’t hear about this story earlier this week it’s because the mainstream media loves Far-Left leader Jagmeet Singh.

His comments in regard to the recent accusations surrounding Patrick Brown and Kent Hehr:

“If you are asking me when I was a lawyer in a legal lens, there is a discussion or presumption of innocence — but that is strictly about the procedures in court.” Adding that, “When it comes to creating a just society, we need to look at the reality that we have to believe survivors if we want to tackle violence against women, if we want to shift a culture that for too long women have been silent about the ongoing violence that they experienced in their lives.”

A party such as the Far-left NDP which continuously preaches the importance of not judging individuals based on the actions of the community does exactly that.

These statements assume that all men are sexual predators and that to solve the problem we must make examples of every individual, even those who have not committed any crime, let alone found guilty of one.

It follows the exact same thought process that tells you all Muslims are terrorists or that minorities are dangerous. It is a belief based on emotion and something that the far-left and left is now blindingly shoving down the throats of their supporters.


Far-Left Leader Jagmeet Singh, Says Innocent Until Proven Guilty only applies to courts