WMAF Violence: Hate Crimes against Asian Women and Half Asian Children

White Man accused of kidnapping, killing Chinese Female scholar aspired to become a known murderer: prosecutors

Millionaire WMAF White Father admits strangling his seven-year-old Hapa (Half Chinese) daughter to death with a dressing gown cord at his £1million Wimbledon home..


WMAF White Dad ‘strangled his two eldest young Hapa kids to death with a belt before killing seven-month-old Hapa son in mystery triple killing’..

White Prince Charming rapes his Taiwanese Tinder date..


Asian woman killed by her ex White BF because he was depressed and threaten to commit suicide.


White Australian man accused of bashing to death Korean student Eunji Ban admitted to police he “bashed the s*** out of her face” while she screamed for help, a Brisbane court hears.


White Sexpat Lights Vietnamese Woman on Fire After She Dumped Him..


Allen Ivanov shot up a house party and killed his Asian ex-girl friend Anna Bui, along with 2 others


Starbucks barista says Las Vegas shooter was known for being mean and ‘rude’ to his Asian girlfriend


Queensland language tutor raped Korean tourist: court


Chinese tourist ‘raped’ after being offered free bed for the night from man on ‘couchsurfing’ website


I can go on and on for days..



WMAF has a long history of sexual violence


More WMAF history: U.S. troops in World War II frequented Japan’s comfort women


more at the WMAF reddit








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