South Africa: Male hitchhiker drugged and raped by two women who call themselves ‘Sperm Bandits’

In a wave of terror that has taken over South Africa, the region’s so-called ‘sperm bandits’ have caused matters to go way out of hand!



A 25-year-old man who had been hitchhiking in Polokwane, Limpopo, was allegedly raped by two middle-aged women traveling in a Toyota Tazz after they offered him a lift.


The women held a gun to his head and forced an unknown substance down his throat before gang-raping him.

After the attack, they dumped him by the side of the road at a secluded area in the nearby town of Tzaneen.

Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe told the local paper Capricorn Voice: “After the ordeal, it is alleged they drove further with the victim and dropped him off in a secluded area near Tzaneen CBD, where he proceeded to the Tzaneen Police Station and reported the matter.”

The poor young chap immediately called the police and was rushed to the nearest hospital where he now remains in a critical condition while the forensic teams work to establish the nature of the substance he was forced to drink.

Crimes of this nature have been reported earlier in Zimbabwe and South Africa, against female attackers going by the name ‘sperm bandits’ or ‘semen harvesters’ who go around preying on men to collect and sell their semen for ‘good luck.’

As crazy as it sounds, this could more or less be an urban myth with not many cases to substantiate the true intention behind these assaults!



Chinese community rallies in Canada to protest “Hijab Hoax”

More than 300 Chinese Canadians will reportedly join rallies in Montreal, Canada, on Saturday to protest an 11-year-old Canadian girl’s slander against the Asian community, who falsely claimed that an Asian man cut her hijab as she walked to school.

Khawlah Noman, a sixth-grader living in Toronto, held a news conference at her school on Jan. 12. She accused an Asian man of “pulling off her jacket hood and started cutting the bottom of her hijab.” The girl’s self-claimed suffering made headlines around the world, with politicians and public figures in Canada showing their support for the girl on social media.

“My heart goes out to Khawlah Noman following this morning’s cowardly attack on her in Toronto,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter. “Canada is an open and welcoming country, and incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”

Though garnering sympathy and support from the public, Noman’s claim was later disputed by Canadian police, who announced on Jan. 15 that an extensive investigation had been conducted and police had concluded it did not happen.

The abrupt turn of events has irritated the Chinese community in Canada, who called the Hijab Hoax a “hate crime that should never be tolerated.”

“The nature of this incident is vile. It is definitely a humiliation to Asian community, which has always been picked on. Even an 11-year-old knows that we are easy targets. This is unacceptable,” Jenny Wong, a 25-year-old Chinese Canadian living in Montreal, told People’s Daily Online.

“My friends and I will join a rally initiated by the local Chinese community in Montreal this Saturday, demanding an apology from the girl, the Canadian government, as well as a voice for the Asian community,” Wong added.

According to an announcement released by Chinese in North America, an influential WeChat account that focuses on the Chinese community in Canada and U.S., the rally has already been approved by local authorities. An estimated 350 people are expected to participate in the rally.


Similar protests initiated by Chinese Canadians have already taken place across the country, including two rallies in Toronto and Calgary on Jan. 21 and Jan. 22, respectively. Meanwhile, chat groups have also formed on social media, with many Chinese Canadians communicating and sharing updates on the incident.

“The Asian community in Canada doesn’t have political muscle and is discriminated against or victimized. Canadian authorities and media outlets did not even carry out a thorough investigation before supporting the liar,” said Jenny Liu, a 22-year-old Chinese student at the University of Toronto.

“Our rally slogan is focused on that lie: ‘Hoax Today, Horror Tomorrow.’ We feel hurt, and we demand that our voice is heard,” added Wong.

Male student sues Dartmouth over ‘sexual misconduct’ finding

A January 12 lawsuit alleges that Dartmouth College expelled a male student based on a biased investigation that ignored both parties’ wishes, overwhelming evidence, college policy, and federal law.

Lawyers for “John Doe,” an anonymous student at the New Hampshire Ivy League, are seeking a trial by jury in the United States District Court District of New Hampshire. The lawsuit calls on Dartmouth to reinstate Doe as a student, expunge his record, and award him compensatory damages.


The Encounters

According to the lawsuit, Doe first met “Sally Smith,” an anonymous female Dartmouth student, over Dartmouth’s 2016 Sophomore Summer, and in late July, the pair “had a consensual sexual interaction.” During that episode, Smith told Doe that “she was interested in sadomasochistic (‘S&M’) sexual practices” and commenced “slapping him across the face.”

On August 4, the two independently attended an evening party at Doe’s fraternity. Doe drank “approximately 36 ounces of a drink that was predominantly hard alcohol” within the span of one hour, and his last memory was throwing up into a trash can. He did not remember seeing Smith before he blacked out.

When Doe woke up in his bed on August 5, he found Smith beside him and they “engaged in consensual sexual intercourse.” Smith then told Doe that “things had gotten a bit ‘rough’” during their “sexual encounter the previous night,” which Doe did not remember.

The lawsuit argues that due to his conspicuous consumption off alcohol, Doe had “not been capable of consenting to sexual activity” with Smith.

Following the conversation, Smith left the room and Doe fell asleep. When he awoke, he “noticed that he had bruises and scratches on his arms and back, that his nipple was bleeding, and that he was experiencing extreme pain in his genitalia.”

Teen girls ‘uncomfortable’ with Biology Denying CCSD allowing male to change in their locker room

Teenage girls shouldn’t have to take their pants off in front of random teenage boys. The Clark County School District disagrees.

According to a concerned parent and student, the principal of a local high school is allowing a male student to use the girls’ locker room to change for physical education class.

“Last year, sometime during the year, he just started coming and changing in the locker room with us,” said a girl who was in PE class. “I felt uncomfortable and would try and hide and change somewhere else. Other people in my class told me that they felt uncomfortable, too, last year.”

The parent talked with a group of female students in the PE class about the situation. “They said we don’t want to see him dressing, and we don’t want him to see us dressing,” said the parent.

The student said she’s “glad I’m not in (that) class anymore,” but that the young man continues to change in the girls’ locker room. The student and the parent, who requested anonymity to avoid school district retaliation, said the boy didn’t even claim to be transgender.

“He doesn’t identify as a girl,” said the parent. “He’s gay and sometimes dresses as a girl. He prefers dressing with the girls and feels uncomfortable in the boys’ locker room.”

The parent’s attempts to get an explanation from school administrators went nowhere. The principal “made it sound like his hands are tied,” said the parent. “I said students have told me he doesn’t identify as female. He told me that was their opinion.”

The principal didn’t return phone calls, instead alerting the district’s communications team to the requests for comment.


Teen girls ‘uncomfortable’ with CCSD allowing male to change in their locker room