Man documents his DISASTROUS first ever Tinder date with a woman who behaved SO rudely that he fled the restaurant without paying or saying goodbye

A man who plucked up the courage to go on his first ever Tinder date after being ‘superliked’ by a seemingly-eager woman has told how the evening ended in total misery after the unnamed lady behaved so rudely that he ran away without telling her.

After talking for a few days, the Imgur user, known only as Minilogo37, shared that despite their chemistry prior, the date took a turn when the girl arrived to the fancy restaurant in sweatpants, did not look at him once, and ordered the most expensive items on the menu.

Once Minilogo37 realized she was only there for the meal, he excused himself to go to the bathroom but really, he got in his car and drove home without paying or saying goodbye to his date. He detailed his entire experience in an Imgur post which got a lot of feedback.


After what seemed like a normal Tinder match, Minilogo37 asked the woman who he had been speaking to for a couple of days, out to dinner.

He shared in the post that dinner ‘was her suggestion,’  and once they met up at the restaurant, he realized that a lot of things were going wrong.

Minilogo37 shared a detailed post about his date, titled, ‘Had to be a $150 check, easy,’ saying exactly what happened from his point of view and it went viral with over 23,158 points and 19,554 views on Imgur.

After posting about his date that went horribly wrong, he asked the Internet for advice and what their opinions were about his actions on date night. People had a lot to say about his actions and his date’s.

‘I signed up for Tinder, just to see what would happen. A few hours later, I got “superliked,” which is apparently better than “liked.” We talked for a few days, she seemed super cool. I suggested a date, and she insisted on it being dinner. Cool.’

‘We met up tonight at a restaurant I’d picked out. She didn’t look at me, wore sweatpants, and immediately ordered a $13 appetizer. Okay, not a deal-breaker.

‘I tried starting a conversation a few times, but she only gave one word answers. Then, she orders a $25 steak and $22 crab legs. She drank four $9 glasses of wine.

‘I got the steak, and a few drinks myself. Right about the time our main courses arrived, I’d pretty much given up.

‘She talked more to the waiter.

‘As we were finishing, I excused myself and went to the restroom. While I was in there, a light bulb went off.

‘I left the bathroom, headed out the door, got in my car, and drove home. Now, here I am. She messaged me a few times, called me a “f****r” about twelve times. Eh.’

After sharing his date night ordeal, he called on the internet for advice and some of the comments were absolutely hilarious because people were outraged by the woman’s actions that night.

One user wrote, ‘You played the player at her own game and won,’ while others said things like, ‘I would’ve looked her in the eyes as I ask for separate checks,’ ‘I agree, this guy knows how to play,’ and ‘You handled that like a champ. Enough said.’


While many users were quick to give kudos to the guy, other people shared their own views on the entire date and how weird dating is in this day and age.

Speaking about the date, some users were quick to point out, ‘Was she even playing a game though? I mean she put zero effort into her ruse, she was just straight up a*****e from top to bottom.’

Surprisingly, one person commented, ‘A lot of women have admitted to using Tinder for that very reason, good on you for turning it around on her,’ about women using men to get free expensive meals.

Others wanted to point out that what the guy did was wrong, leaving comments like, ‘He should have paid at least for his own share. Nobody won, especially not the restaurant,’ and ‘I would’ve grabbed the waiter on the side and paid for my portion before leaving.’

After many people called Mini out, one user asked,  ‘I’m confused, did you ditch her with the bill and was the plan unspoken about you “buying” or did she know going in?’

Minilogo37 replied to the user saying, ‘I mean, I said “let me take you out” and we agreed on dinner. I was completely ready to pay.’

While the internet was completely divided over the topic and everyone had different views on what was right and what was wrong, it was a terrible Tinder date regardless.

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