No grand mosque in Helsinki: Bahrain-funded proposal ditched by authorities

Authorities in Helsinki have denied a Muslim foundation permission to secure land for a grand mosque in the city, expressing concern about the funding of the project – which would have come from the Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Oasis Center, which was to be located in an old industrial area, would have had room for 1,200 worshipers, as well as a Moorish-themed garden, sports facilities and a community center open to the public. But the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki unanimously voted to reject the proposal on Tuesday, declining permission for a patch of land to be set aside in the Hanasaari area for the complex.

The main reason behind the city’s refusal was the source of money for the project, which had earlier been pledged by the Bahraini royal family.

“The scope of the project under consideration and the open questions and uncertainties surrounding it – namely, the origin of the funding and the possible effects of the sources of funding – do not form a sustainable basis for carrying out the proposal,” the UED said in a statement quoted by the Helsinki Times.

Although Finnish authorities were not opposed to the mosque in principle, the news that it would be built with Bahraini money unsettled officials, including Tarja Mankkinen, the head of the Ministry of the Interior’s anti-radicalization program, and Helsinki’s Mayor Jan Vapaavuori. Bahrain, a Shia-majority kingdom in the Persian Gulf, is ruled by a Sunni royal family with close ties to the other Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia, which follow a strict version of Sunni Islam. Bahrain’s harsh clampdowns on Shia protesters and dissidents have drawn severe criticism from human rights groups.

“The role of the actors who fund the mosque and its activities might consist a [security] risk if it decreases the feeling of belonging to the Finnish society among the Muslim population,” Mankkinen told the Middle East Eye back in May.

“I am delighted that we managed to unanimously block the so-called Grand Mosque project. Together we showed that Helsinki is not anti-Islamic or against Muslims, but on the other hand, neither is the city blue-eyed in its naivety,” Atte Kaleva, a local politician, wrote on Facebook after the vote.



An Entire Arizona Child Abusing Family, Parents & Kids, Turn Transgender




Mental illness is a hell of a disease, and for one family in Arizona apparently, the cultural Marxist indoctrination has planted roots into their entire family’s minds; where each of them decided to become transgender.

What’s the worst about this story is that it wasn’t just an adult who decided that they would pursue this degenerate lifestyle, it’s literally the whole family.

The 62-year-old father, who has two young children of his own, now goes by the name Shirley Austin, shockingly enough, now identifies as a woman.

The sick and demented man actually bragged about the rest of his family, including kids being indoctrinated. “The whole family is in transition,” he gleefully said with his disgusting smile.

His 41-year-old fiancée, born as a female, now goes by the name Daniel Harrott, and will soon become the stepmother of the other tranny’s two children, now identifies as a man.

“It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time,” the twisted child abuser said. “And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be.”

Now here’s where it really shows that these sickos are indoctrinating their children, after their mental illness has apparently rubbed off onto the kids too.

The son, a 13-year-old boy named Joshua, now identifies a girl; which is just plain sick, and demented.

The 11-year-old daughter now claims that she thinks she’s actually a boy, showing once again that having trannies around kids is perverted and dangerous.

“I think I was only, like 6 or 7,” the eleven-year-old indoctrinated child said.

An entire transgender family now, because of the attempts to normalize it by their father, and his fiancé.

I know you’re probably confused by the names, but the soon-to-be stepmother, Daniel Harrott said, “It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time,” it said. “And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be.”

The demented woman, who is now a man, and raising children (this is so hard to even type without being furious); Daniel, says that it believes trans people have been in its family for at least 100 years.

It’s grandmother’s sister was what people used to call a “cross-dresser.” Further proving my point that these sickos shouldn’t breed.

“Of course my mother just gave that same lesson: ‘This is not OK. You must be a girl. This is who you were born to be,” Daniel said.

Daniel claims that even born as a woman, when it decided to research the word “transgender” it knew that is what it was, according to KJZZ local news in Arizona.

The rest of us, for example, know that Daniel and this whole family are sick and sadistic demons who will burn forever in the lake of fire if they don’t change their ways.

This is child abuse. There’s no way around it.

In fact, let’s talk about the dangers of these trannies to society first and foremost. Let’s discuss a couple of cases I’ve reported in the past that trigger social justice warriors to the max.

There’s the tranny (man who became a woman) who raped a 13-year-old girl in Montana.

There was a mentally ill tranny teaching elementary students in Florida who tried to indoctrinate children into calling it by “pronouns”, later reassigned to another district.

The state of New York has now made it into a law that if insurance companies don’t recognize the tranny’s new identity they’ll be penalizedwith heavy fines.

The man who traveled the country suing individual states for not allowing him to marry physical objects, claimed that the State of Alabama wouldn’t allow him marry his “transgender laptop computer” (seriously) and he sued them.

There are many, many more too but you get the point.

These creatures should be in a mental ward, not around kids. Also, a prominent pediatrician has claimed that children cannot be transgender, and that their parents are responsible for child abuse.

Thankfully this brave doctor wasn’t afraid to speak up about it, and at a Heritage Foundation forum recently, Dr. Michelle Cretella let the audience hear the unfiltered truth about the devious attempts of mentally ill parents who seek to prescribe their children with hormone blockers in which are used to prevent the child from fully developing into the sex that they’re born as.

”Chemical castration is what you’re doing when you put any biologically normal child on puberty blockers. It’s treating puberty like a disease, arresting a normal process which is critical to normal development and bad for kids.”

”Sterilization: not good for kids. Prepping them for what will likely result in a case in girls a double mastectomy at 16 — not how you treat depression or anxiety and I have plenty of experience treating teenagers with depression, anxiety, even suicidal depression. Indoctrinating preschool kids with the lie that you can be trapped in the wrong body, again, that’s disrupting their normal reality testing and cognitive development. Those things are abusive.”

”As to the studies, there are two that I am aware of that claim affirming your child’s gender confusion is good for them. Number one, it assumes that coaching a child into a fixed-false belief is mentally healthy. Science doesn’t allow you to assume your conclusion. Number two, those studies are extremely small. Number three, those studies are very short term. And number four, the control group of “mentally healthy children” are the siblings, most of them are siblings of the trans-identifying child. Oh, and there’s a number five, the parents were the ones evaluating the mental health of the children.”

”This is not science. I don’t think you need to have an M.D. or a PhD to know that’s not science; that’s ideology masquerading as science.”

Dr. Cretella is 100% correct, and God Bless her for speaking up about it.

We live in a demented society where cultural marxists actually have the audacity to claim that young children are somehow transgender or identify as a sex other than the one they were born as.

Intelligent people realize that this is a result of the utterly disgusting and perverse mentality of the parents somehow pushing the sentiment into a child’s mind that they are male or female when they’re clearly born as one sex or the other.

You see it all the time; especially from the demented Hollywood celebrities who have made absurd claims that their children are another sex, often times children younger than eight years old.

It’s completely preposterous albeit quite degenerate and dangerous, because they’re using their celebrity prowess to indoctrinate millions of fans and even children into their sickening beliefs as if to push an acceptance for it.

This has to stop. America has become Babylon, which is essentially saying we’re on the verge of collapse. This is just too much.

Being a tranny with children is not okay. Period. Being a tranny at all, is already disgusting.

Suspended Rutgers Frat Drugged Sorority Sisters’ Party Drinks: Report

A Rutgers University chapter of the national Sigma Chi fraternity has been suspended after its members allegedly drugged members of a campus sorority during a party this fall, according to a report citing documents obtained through an Open Public Records Act request.

The years-long suspension is fallout from a mixer on the weekend of Sept. 16 in which members of Sigma Chi allegedly put Xanax in an athletic container filled with alcohol and juice. The fraternity was reportedly hosting members of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau at the time.

The Rutgers chapter of Sigma Chi was unexplainably shut down in November, prompting The Daily Targum, Rutgers’ official student newspaper, to put in a records request.

Documents, including written testimony, provided to The Daily Targum say women in the sorority mentioned the juice “tasting funny” and having a “chalky” texture on the night of the party.


Google Researcher: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men

The popular feminist narrative would have you believe that porn is largely consumed by men, and that depictions of violent — or at least rough — sex would be a primarily male-dominated interest.

This is untrue, states researcher Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, who says that porn featuring violence against women is significantly more popular among women compared to men.

His findings might explain the popularity of the BDSM-heavy “Fifty Shades of Grey” series of novels among female readers.

Speaking to Vox in an interview about how Google data proves that most Americans lie about their sexual preferences, the researcher and author of “Everybody Lies” asserts that more women enjoy the genre compared to male porn watchers — despite common sense and politically correct claims to the contrary.

“Porn featuring violence against women is also extremely popular among women,” said the author. “It is far more popular among women than men.”

“I hate saying that because misogynists seem to love this fact,” he added. “Fantasy life isn’t always politically correct.”

Stephens-Davidowitz calls Google’s data a “digital truth serum.” With an illustrious career in academia, the researcher has produced extensive volumes of original research into the field of big data, published in academic journals and The New York Times. He presently serves as a quantitative analyst at Google, where he researches internet searches to understand human behavior.

Americans aren’t the only people susceptible to self-deception, claims Stephens-Davidowitz.
“The rate at which women watch violent porn is roughly the same in every part of the world. It isn’t correlated with how women are treated,” he stated.

The researcher also highlighted a curious instance in India, where the number one search for “my husband wants…” ends with breastfeeding, and that porn featuring adult breastfeeding is more popular in India compared to anywhere else.

“In just about every country, just about every Google search looking for advice on breastfeeding is looking how to breastfeed a baby,” he said. “In India, Google searches looking for breastfeeding advice are about equally split between how to breastfeed a baby and how to breastfeed a husband.”

Likewise, another oddity comes from Japan, where at least 10 percent of the porn-related searches involve tickling. The author says calling these preferences “weird” isn’t the correct response.

“The data from porn tells us that everybody is weird,” he said. “Thus, nobody is weird.”


Google Researcher: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men

Rape Apologist Eminem Calls Donald Trump ‘Aryan,’ Fantasizes About Ivanka in Trunk of His Car

raps about raping women





Rapper Eminem called President Donald Trump an “Aryan,” fantasizes about kidnapping Ivanka Trump, and embraces Black Lives Matter on his latest album in four years.

On the political anthem titled “Like Home,” featuring Alicia Keys, Eminem says of Trump:

Someone get this Aryan a sheet
Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached
Everybody on your feet
This is where terrorism and heroism meets, square up in the streets
This chump barely even sleeps
All he does is watch Fox News like a parrot and repeats
While he looks like a canary with a beak
Why you think banned transgenders from the military with a tweet?
He’s tryin’ to divide us
This shit’s like a cult, but like Johnny, he’ll only unite us.

The Detroit rapper takes aim at the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump on the track “Framed,” fantasizing about kidnapping the 36-year-old White House adviser:

Donald Duck’s on as the Tonka Truck in the yard
But dog how the fuck is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car
Gotta get to the bottom of it to try to solve it
Must go above and beyond, ’cause it’s incumbent upon
Me, ’cause I feel somewhat responsible for the dumb little blonde girl
That motherfuckin’ baton twirler that got dumped in the pond”

On another song, the Grammy-winner raps about “hittin’ on Melania” Trump.


Eminem Calls Donald Trump ‘Aryan,’ Fantasizes About Ivanka in Trunk of His Car