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Woman rips out ex-boyfriend’s testicle after he refuses threesome

A woman who ripped out her ex-boyfriend’s testicle after he refused to have a threesome has been convicted of assault. The man had to be hospitalized to have his testicle put back in.

Police found Nunzia del Viscio, 43, of Merchant Crescent, Edinburgh, with blood on her teeth after she attacked her ex in his flat on Lauriston Terrace on May 22.

She was convicted of assaulting Marcello Palma, 44, at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, though she told police officers he had hit her and claimed she was acting in self-defense.

Del Viscio said: “As he came to me I bit him. I just remember a noise and blood pouring into my mouth,” the BBC reports.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard the accused, who had been drinking and taking drugs, had gone to Palma’s flat with friends after a night out.

According to STV, Palma said Del Viscio walked into his room naked and demanded a threesome after the rest of the group went to bed.

When he refused, he said she started “destroying” one of the bedrooms, at which point Palma ordered the woman to leave.

“I took her clothes and threw them at her,” he said, STV reports.

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“We were insulting each other and she came against me and bit my left testicle. I threw two or three punches and had a finger in her eye to push her away. She drew her head back and my testicle came out.”

The victim was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where his testicle was put back into the scrotum and given 15 stitches.

Police found del Viscio with injuries to her eyes and face.

Palma admitted he had injured her, but only in an effort to to prevent her from biting him.

Del Viscio has been ordered to pay her victim compensation and has been put on a restriction of liberty order preventing her from leaving the house between 10pm and 6am for the next six months.

Crying Women Democrat Senators Hug Sex Assaulter Al Franken After He Heeds Their Call to Resign; ‘Big Hugs’

liberal feminist women hugging and embracing a confessed sex assaulter.



If you as a woman truly believe a man is a creepy serial sex assaulter of women, do you get all misty-eyed and line up to tightly hug him when he resigns from the Senate following your demand he do so in the face of numerous accusations of sexual assault? If you are a Democrat woman senator, the answer is ‘yes’, even though several of the allegations involved Franken groping and forcing kisses during hugs. Franken was also photographed assaulting a woman in her sleep.

Capitol Hill reporters posted reports on their observations of how Franken was treated by his colleagues on the Senate floor following his unrepentant resignation speech in which he denied the accusations by women over which he was resigning.

The reporters noted many of the women Democrat senators who just yesterday demanded Franken resign for being a serial sex assaulter of women were crying and giving ‘big hugs’ to Franken after his speech. Named in the reports are Amy Klobuchar (MN), Claire McCaskill (MO), Tammy Duckworth (IL) and Maggie Hassan (NH).

Fortunately for these hypocritical Democratic woman senators, C-SPAN cameras are not allowed to film action on the Senate floor, nor are still photos allowed to be taken, so these corroborating reports by Hill reporters are all there likely is to document their hugs and tears for a man they believe sexually assaults women.


Crying Women Democrat Senators Hug Sex Assaulter Al Franken After He Heeds Their Call to Resign; ‘Big Hugs’