Canada: Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque

The Hamilton Police Service is placing “diversity” above public safety. Is it more important to have Muslim police officers, or to have competent police officers? Police hiring should be based on merit alone, not on pandering to “minority communities.” And what kind of vetting will be undertaken in order to make sure that no Hamilton Police Service recruits from this mosque have jihadist sympathies? Why, none at all, of course. That would be “Islamophobic.”


“Hamilton Police Service holding recruiting event at mosque,” by Paul Tipple and Anthony Urciuoli, Global News, November 29, 2017 (thanks to Jaymie):

The Hamilton Police Service is making another effort to be more representative of the city’s diverse population.

It’s holding a recruitment event at a mountain mosque Wednesday evening.

The director of the Muslim Association of Hamilton says the police service has come a long way in the past decade, but Kamran Bhatti says there are still no members of the Muslim community or other diverse backgrounds with ranks higher than first-class constable.

Bhatti says that compares poorly with nearby communities like Toronto, where police chief Mark Saunders comes from a racial minority community.

Bhatti says that’s the kind of results that they’re hoping for from these types of recruitment events….

Bhatti admits part of the problem is that members of his community don’t apply for jobs with the police service, partly because of the “tumultuous” relationship they may have had with police in their home country.

Canada: Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque

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