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Toronto Police probe ‘anti-Semitic’ music video played at Al Quds Day rally

Toronto police are investigating a video that shows music being played at this summer’s Al Quds Day rally at Queen’s Park that calls for Jews to be stabbed, attacked and beheaded.

The video shows signs scattered on ground, men in reflective vests standing and walking around the grounds and, in the background, a song plays glorifying violence against Jews.

The translated lyrics to the song, Declare It A Popular Revolution, in part say “With a Palestinian woman (armed with a knife) we defeated them”… “fill (the bottle) to the top with gasoline, and snatch from him the M-16”…“stab whoever you see, five, six, ten, twelve.”

“Declare a popular revolution,” the lyrics continue… “Make us happy with bombing the bus” and then “cut off (their heads), stab (them), run over (them), launch an attack on them.”

Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed “officers met with the complainants yesterday (Tuesday) and now the matter will be investigated.”


Al Quds rallies are held annually around the world by Palestinian supporters who oppose “Zionism” and Israel. Organizers of the Toronto event where the video was captured had not returned calls for comment at press time. The video was filmed by the American Center for Democracy, translated by them and subsequently by others.

The complaint was launched by Canada Christian College President Dr. Charles McVety and Dr. Frank Dimant, dean of Israel studies at the college, and following deputations this week at Toronto executive committee on “Hate-Sponsored Rallies such as Al Quds Day.”

Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defence League appeared before the committee and read out the “abominable lyrics” from the video, saying it features an “anti-Semitic” song that promotes hatred toward Jews and “calls for the destruction of Israel.”

“This takes place in front of the Ontario Legislature,” Weinstein tells the committee in a video posted by the Jewish Defence League. “This is a recruiting instrument of radical Islam and radical Iran.”

Toronto councillor James Pasternak raised concerns earlier this year about Al Quds Day rhetoric at City Council, which were referred to executive committee.

“There has been a growing trend of hate-infested rallies being held in public spaces such as the anti-Semitic Al Quds Day rally in Toronto and there have been threats to host white supremacist and neo-Nazi rallies in Toronto similar to those in the United States,” Pasternak wrote in a letter to council.

For the past several years there has been an Al Quds Day rally held in Toronto outside Queen’s Park featuring speakers making anti-Semitic and anti-Christian remarks, spreading hatred, inciting violence and supporting of terrorist organizations such as Hamas,” Pasternak wrote.

“Al Quds Day was originally created to call for the destruction of the state of Israel.”

McVety and Dimant said their complaint was made specifically over the song, rather than the rally itself.

“I have been fighting anti-Semitism for decades but this is next-level calls for violence that must be investigated by the authorities,” said Dimant. “The safety of our communities rest on the actions of the police and Mayor John Tory”.

McVety and Dimant met with a Toronto Police officer late Tuesday to file an official complaint.


Toronto Police probe ‘anti-Semitic’ music video played at Al Quds Day rally

Canada: Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque

The Hamilton Police Service is placing “diversity” above public safety. Is it more important to have Muslim police officers, or to have competent police officers? Police hiring should be based on merit alone, not on pandering to “minority communities.” And what kind of vetting will be undertaken in order to make sure that no Hamilton Police Service recruits from this mosque have jihadist sympathies? Why, none at all, of course. That would be “Islamophobic.”


“Hamilton Police Service holding recruiting event at mosque,” by Paul Tipple and Anthony Urciuoli, Global News, November 29, 2017 (thanks to Jaymie):

The Hamilton Police Service is making another effort to be more representative of the city’s diverse population.

It’s holding a recruitment event at a mountain mosque Wednesday evening.

The director of the Muslim Association of Hamilton says the police service has come a long way in the past decade, but Kamran Bhatti says there are still no members of the Muslim community or other diverse backgrounds with ranks higher than first-class constable.

Bhatti says that compares poorly with nearby communities like Toronto, where police chief Mark Saunders comes from a racial minority community.

Bhatti says that’s the kind of results that they’re hoping for from these types of recruitment events….

Bhatti admits part of the problem is that members of his community don’t apply for jobs with the police service, partly because of the “tumultuous” relationship they may have had with police in their home country.

Canada: Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque

Racist and Paedophile Protection Racket Planned Parenthood Fights to Overturn Indiana Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

Planned Parenthood believes women should be able to abort their unborn babies for any reason, including personal prejudices.

Right now, the abortion giant is challenging an Indiana state law that prohibits abortions based solely on an unborn baby’s sex, race or disability such as Down syndrome.

In September, a federal judge appointed by President Barack Obama blocked the law. The state is appealing to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Pro-life and disability rights advocates are fighting back, urging the court to uphold the anti-discrimination law. This week, attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom and the Bioethics Defense Fund filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of three Down syndrome organizations and a grassroots women’s advocacy group.

“Nothing is medically necessary or constitutionally protected about an abortion that is committed simply because a child has Down syndrome or isn’t the desired race or sex,” said ADF senior counsel Denise Burke. “The fact that Planned Parenthood is opposing a law like Indiana’s tells you what America’s number one abortion supplier really cares about.”

Those defending the law in the brief include the Fondation Jérôme Lejeune, Saving Downs and Down Pride, which advocate for people with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilities. Women Speak for Themselves, a national grassroots organization empowering women to speak out on important issues including abortion, also is supporting the law through the brief.

In the brief, the groups argued that the Indiana law “survives constitutional scrutiny because the Supreme Court has never recognized a right to abort an unborn child because of his or her sex, genetic abnormality, or disability and because it furthers the State of Indiana’s interest in protecting unborn human life by preventing sex and disability discrimination against unborn children. It also promotes the State’s interest in drawing a clear boundary against postnatal eugenic infanticide.”

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Bioethics Defense Fund Senior Counsel Dorinda Bordlee said the law protects individuals against modern eugenics.

“… it addresses prenatal testing to target and eliminate a class of human beings based on sex or disability discrimination,” Bordlee said. “Eugenic abortion devalues not only the unborn with disabilities, but also devalues individuals born and living with disabilities.”

Signed by then-Gov. Mike Pence in 2016, the law would prohibit abortion doctors from knowingly aborting an unborn baby solely because of a genetic abnormality such as Down syndrome, the unborn baby’s race or sex. The bill also has several other abortion-related measures, including a requirement that aborted or miscarried babies’ bodies be cremated or buried and that abortionists who have hospital admitting privileges renew them annually.

Indiana became the second state to prohibit abortions based on an unborn baby’s disability, following North Dakota in 2013. A handful of states also prohibit sex-selection abortions.

This deadly discrimination against babies with disabilities is a problem in countries across the world. Earlier this year, a CBS News report shocked the nation by reporting that nearly 100 percent of unborn babies with Down syndrome are aborted in Iceland.

In 2014, the Danish government reported 98 percent of unborn babies who tested positive for Down syndrome were aborted. CBS reports the rate in France was 77 percent in 2015, 90 percent in the United Kingdom and 67 percent in the United States between 1995 and 2011. Some put the rate as high as 90 percent in the United States, but it is difficult to determine the exact number because the U.S. government does not keep detailed statistics about abortion.