Ontario education ‘expert’ jailed for child porn released early, defends views on sexuality

he created the child grooming sex ed curriculum for Ontario’s public schools.



TORONTO, November 17, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Convicted child pornographer and disgraced education guru Ben Levin has posted online comments on studies of child porn and pedophilia since being paroled that suggest he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong and everyone should accept his deviant sexual views and proclivities, the Toronto Sun revealed Thursday in an explosive front-page story.

Levin, 65, was sentenced to three years in prison in May 2015 after pleading guilty to possessing and creating child pornography, and the indictable offence of counselling others to commit rape.

The revelation is “bone-chilling,” says Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist for Campaign Life Coalition.

Levin is “actually working in a strategic way by encouraging influential academics and journals to normalize the viewing of child pornography and pedophilic attraction to children,” he warned.

“I think Levin is looking down the road into the future, and he sees a very realistic path to making his depraved vision a legal reality in Canada.”

Campaign Life is one parents’ rights groups that sees the hand of the former deputy minister of education behind the controversial sex-ed curriculum the Liberal government rolled out in Ontario’s publicly funded schools in 2015.

Parents As First Educators is another.

“Which is worse? Convicted child pornographer Levin is out on parole and is trolling academic studies about porn online? Or that the sex-ed curriculum he helped ‘craft’; is being taught to our kids in Ontario schools?” tweeted PAFE executive director Tanya Granic Allen in response to the Sun’s exclusive.


Levin shows ‘little understanding’ of the damage he did to children: parole board

Levin, a one-time professor at the prestigious Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and married father of three daughters, was caught in a sting operation and arrested July 2013.

In passing sentence in 2015, Justice Heather McArthur described him as a man with a “hidden, dark side” who became “immersed in a deviant and depraved online world” where “sexual abuse of children was not only accepted but celebrated.”

In his sex-chats with undercover officers on sites about incest, Levin “wrote a story detailing the violent sexual abuse of a child” and “counseled another officer, posing as a young mother, to sadistically sexually assault her eight-year-old daughter,” noted McArthur.

He also “normalized the subject of the sexual touching of children.”

Levin was granted day parole in August but denied full parole because the board was “concerned” by his “lack of understanding or insight into the true victims of your offending,” according to documents obtained by PAFE’s Granic Allen.

The board decision noted that Levin had “joined a website dedicated to child pornography and had conversations with others in a predatory, deviant and sadistic manner.”

Levin had also shared sado-masochistic pornographic images of young girls on the site.

“You continue to identify your family and social and past political network as victims,” the parole board stated.

“(Y)ou appear to have little understanding that the children in the pornographic images you viewed and shared are the true victims of your offending. That they have been abused sexually, mentally and physically and will bear lifelong scars of this abuse inflicted on them for the sole gratification of people such as yourself.”

Levin likes studies on child porn and pedophilia

When fully paroled in January, Levin was not to “possess or access pornography or sexually explicit material in any form or type of media” as one condition.

But he has since posted comments on the academic site Researchgate, flagging 84 studies as “of interest,” most of which are about child pornography and pedophilia, reported the Sun’s Michele Mandel.

Under an article on “Schoolgirls and Soccer Moms: A Content Analysis of Free ‘Teen’ and ‘MILF’ Online Pornography,” Levin wrote in October: “It’s important to open up the world of pornography in a non-emotional way if we are ever to understand it’s (sic) place in human life and its effects on sexual behaviour.”

Levin commented October 29 on an article “What exactly is an unusual sexual fantasy?” that: “Given the tendency to panic over sexual behaviour and sexual fantasy, it’s very helpful to have some data in this area.”

And to a study on “The Prevalence of Paraphilic Interests and Behaviours in the General Population: A Provincial Survey,” Levin commented the decision to diagnose “paraphilia” as a mental illness “was won by people who seem to want to restrict what counts as acceptable — or ‘normal’ — sexual activity; the same kinds of provisions that were used in past to criminalize homosexuality.”

Normalizing pedophilia next, warns Campaign Life

Parents “must take this as a reminder of why they must continue fighting to repeal the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum,” says Fonseca.

The Wynne Liberals have denied Levin had anything to do with the sex-ed curriculum.

But as LifeSiteNew reported earlier, Levin himself said as deputy minister of education that he was responsible for implementing the 2009 Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy, which called for an overhaul of all curricula.

That included a sex-ed curriculum introduced in 2010 and shelved by then-Premier Dalton McGuinty because of parental backlash. According to a Campaign Life analysis, this sex-ed curriculum is virtually identical to the sex-ed curriculum the Liberals rolled out in 2015.

Levin is now “clearly on a political propaganda mission to destigmatize pedophilia,” Fonseca warned.

“And he’s doing it in the exact same way the gay lobby so successfully normalized homosexuality, which is to reframing pedophilia as a ‘natural sexual orientation,’” he told LifeSiteNews.

“The way our culture is falling headlong into sexual anarchy, now taking on the crazy idea that a boy can actually be a girl in his mind, I believe that normalizing pedophilia will be the next legal and political battleground,” Fonseca said.

“This is pure evil.”