Canada: Jihadi tells court, “Damn your legislation, go to hell. Hey you infidels, I do not worship what you worship.”


This is rich. Rehab Dughmosh, who tried to murder people with a golf club and a knife in a Canadian Tire store, said in court: “Damn your legislation, damn your nationality, go to hell. Hey you infidels, I do not worship what you worship.”

Dughmosh is quoting chapter 109 of the Qur’an, which is an early Meccan sura that is usually presented as an example of the tolerance of Islam. Here it is, in its entirety: “Say, ‘O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”

But here, Rehab Dughmosh is not sweetly quoting it as a sign of her tolerance, but spitting it out in a Canadian courtroom as part of her repudiation of Canadian law and demand to be tried only under Sharia (by which she would be found not guilty, as war on Infidels is mandated in the Qur’an and Sunnah). She doesn’t worship what the infidel Canadians worship; she worships Allah alone, which makes her “the best of people” (Qur’an 3:110), and she refuses to be judged by the standards of the unbelievers, who are the “most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6). It is an insight into how jihadis view the so-called “verses of tolerance.”

“‘Damn your nationality, go to hell,’ Canadian Tire terror suspect tells judge,” by Paola Loriggio, Canadian Press, November 10, 2017:

TORONTO — A Toronto-area woman facing terror charges in an alleged attack at a Canadian Tire store will stand trial next year.

Rehab Dughmosh, 32, will face a judge and jury starting May 28, 2018 for what is expected to be a three-week trial.

Dughmosh is facing a total of 21 charges, including attempted murder of at least three people for the benefit of or in association with a terrorist group.

Police said she allegedly tried to attack employees at a Canadian Tire store in east Toronto with a golf club and a large knife in June.

Dughmosh previously underwent a psychological assessment and was deemed fit to stand trial.

During a brief Toronto court appearance Friday, Dughmosh stood with her back to the judge and repeatedly interjected through an interpreter to call those in the court “infidels.”

“Damn your legislation, damn your nationality, go to hell,” she said. “Hey you infidels, I do not worship what you worship.”

She also expressed a desire to be sent to a country where she could be tried under Shariah law, a request that was denied by Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Goldstein….

Minneapolis restaurants ask: Would you please use gender-neutral pronouns when addressing the staff?

It’s why, at Powderhorn’s May Day Cafe, a small sign taped to the counter bears a polite request: “The May Day Cafe asks that you use gender-neutral language when addressing its employees. Thank you.” A similar note, modeled after May Day’s, went up next to the cash register at Taco Cat’s Midtown Global Market stall in September: “Please use gender-neutral language when addressing our staff. Thanks for being a pal.”

“I think gendered language is pretty integrated in restaurant culture,” says Taco Cat co-owner Tristan Jimerson. “I’ve been working in restaurants for a long time, and sir-ing and ma’am-ing people, that’s just how you’re taught.”

For Jimerson, who in interviews asks potential hires their preferred pronouns right after asking their name, it just made sense to extend that same courtesy to customer interactions. Following May Day’s lead, the bike delivery taco joint became one of the newest practitioners of this emerging language movement in the service industry.

That movement got its start in the Twin Cities at Cafe SouthSide. More a community gathering hub than just somewhere to hunker down and suck up the free WiFi, the Powderhorn cafe was a place of radical hospitality, one that actively welcomed LGBTQ+ customers and served as a safe space for trans and non-binary folks. Co-owners Roxanne Anderson and Anna Mayer intentionally created that trans-friendly environment—it was always as connected to their mission as brewing coffee or selling sandwiches.

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Parents Angry about Explicit Sex Ed Magazine in Middle School Library

creepy LGBT Child Groomers and their rags never mentioned the Late Psychiatrist and paedophile Dr John Money who invented gender ideology claiming gender is a social construct.



Touting itself as “by teens, for teens,” the magazine Sex, Etc. has created a stir at a middle school in New Jersey. Parents concerned about the magazine’s explicit content are demanding that it be removed from the middle school’s media center.

The group of over sixty parents has the support of at least one school board member. According to wusa9, “school board member Stephen Kubricki urged the board on Monday to vote to remove the material from the junior high. Kubricki said the magazine contained ‘a level of graphic and explicit images and text which goes beyond valuable information.'”

The magazine and website, which I’ve linked to here, brazenly promotes same-sex relationships, gender confusion, and abortion. I’m sure most parents can remember when safe-sex education was touted as, “we don’t want teens to have sex, but since they’re going to do it anyway, we’re going to teach them safe sex.” Well, going far beyond the run-of-the-mill liberal promotion of safe sex, Sex, Etc. encourages teenagers to have sex.

From the website: “Sex, Etc. is a comprehensive sexuality education website for teens 13- to 19-years old. Sex, Etc. is published by Answer.” The site’s about section proudly states, “Sex, Etc. is on a mission to improve teen sexual health across the country! Each year, five million young people visit, and over 45,000 read our magazine to get honest and accurate sexual health information. We’ve helped teens with answers to their question about sex, relationships, pregnancy, STDs, birth control, sexual orientation and more!”

Normally, I wouldn’t encourage traffic to a site like Sex, Etc., but I believe that it’s important for parents to familiarize themselves with what may end up in their children’s school libraries, if it’s not already there. So, if you’re a parent, I encourage you to click on the link posted above and peruse the website of a magazine that is specifically written and marketed as sex-education for teens.

In an article titled “The Clitoris and Pleasure: What You Should Know,” the magazine is quick to point out:

Anatomy is not identity. While this story is about clitorises, G-spots and pleasure, there are people who identify as female who have penises—just as there are some people who have vulvas and vaginas who may not identify as female. Having a vagina, vulva, clitoris or uterus does not make you any more of a woman, nor are they necessary parts in finding someone to have a fulfilling relationship with. What’s important is educating yourself about your body, regardless of your gender identity.

Another article, titled “Crisis Pregnancy Centers: The Illusion of Choice,” written by a seventeen-year-old, claims that going to a Crisis Pregnancy Center is a “catastrophic error.” In case you haven’t already figured it out, the reason such a decision is a “catastrophic error” is because Crisis Pregnancy Centers are pro-life. Sex, Etc. would prefer that our children never hear the other side of the “debate.” The author of the piece admits that she is “definitely not qualified to handle this,” yet she wrote an article about “this” anyway.

And therein lies the rub. Or, rather, therein lies one of the problems among many problems with Sex, Etc. Sex is an adult topic. Our society is now having children teach children about an adult topic.

This isn’t an issue that parents can afford to be passive about. Most especially, those who have their kids in public schools, should be pro-active in finding out what resources are being used to teach their children.