Christians Call Transgender Jesus Play in Brazil ‘Horrific Spectacle,’ Want It Banned

As the Brazilian arts scene becomes a “battleground” for cultural wars, Christians and conservatives have reportedly been protesting against a number of art exhibits and plays, including one which portrays Jesus Christ as a transgender woman.

The Associated Press highlighted several controversial cases gripping Brazil, including court battles to get “The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven” theatrical performance banned.

“In Brazil, we have a very ugly habit of sweeping everything under the carpet,” said Renata Carvalho, the actress who performs the one-woman controversial show.

”This just sheds light on what people think. I think it’s excellent that the masks are falling.”

The “Queen of Heaven” show has been put on more than 60 times in a tour throughout Brazil, despite conservative Christians petitioning to courts for a ban.

“The performance of this horrific spectacle is equal to the persecution suffered by Christians in the first centuries when they were thrown to wild animals in the arenas of Rome as a form of entertainment,” one such petition reportedly read.

An injunction was granted by one judge who called the play disrespectful,” ”aggressive” and “in bad taste,” but that decision was overturned on appeal. Other injunctions have been rejected.

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