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Student, 18, ‘hacked to death in Satanic ritual before killer wrote sorry using the victim’s hair and blood’

An 18-year-old woman was brutally hacked to death in a Satanic ritual before her body was found next to a cup of blood, police have said.

Student Nadine Esterhuizen was slaughtered in her sister’s kitchen in Western Cape Province in South Africa, and one of her former friends has been arrested.

She was found in a pool of blood, and locks of her hair had been used to write the word ‘Sorry’ on the floor, her sister revealed.

Corrine Jackson, 20 – who had been legally barred from contacting high school student Nadine – was discovered clutching a knife in a locked toilet, according to reports.

Nadine and her family had earlier taken out an injunction against Jackson, banning her from contacting the teenager.

Jackson had allegedly fractured Nadine’s skull in that attack.


Those close to her say Jackson had become obsessed with their intense friendship.

Nadine had been staying with her sister – not named in local media – while she was on school holidays.

Her sister reportedly said the killing was part of a devil worship ritual.

She said: “My fiance said he knocked but there was no answer and then asked a tenant on the same property for an extra set of keys.

“He said when he opened the door, he saw my sister lying in a pool of blood.”

She added: “There was a cup filled with blood, we do not know whose blood it was. There was also hair in the cup. Strands of hair were used to write the word ‘sorry’.”

Jackson – facing a murder charge – is in custody at a prison hospital after requests from her family for psychiatric treatment, reports local media.


Nadine’s sister says the injunction against Jackson was taken after she fractured her skull in an attack in July.

But she denied local rumours that the pair were lesbian lovers.

She said: “They were not lesbians, they were just friends. She was obsessed with my sister and didn’t want to let go of her.”



ISIS Supporters Go After Moderate Imam in Australia

A Muslim imam who campaigns against radical Islam has been forced into hiding after his home was targeted and his car keyed with the letters ISIS.

Adelaide‘s Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, who preaches messages of peace, returned home this week to find his car emblazoned with the symbol for the Islamic State militant group.

Imam Tawhidi, 34, told Daily Mail Australia on Friday the car windscreen was smashed with a rock, the roof damaged, the letters ‘ISIS’ scrawled on both the bonnet and right side of the car, and chemicals poured into the engine.


He said his home alarm was going off, but the vandals were unable to get inside because he recently installed $10,000 iron curtains around the house.

The Imam, who emigrated from Iraq when he was 12, has previously been targeted by hardline Muslims for condemning extremism and Sharia Law.

He believed the vandals were sending him a message to stay quiet.

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