Hysterical Christian-Haters for Property Rights

Hysterical Christian-Haters for Property Rights

homosexual coffee shop owner with an angry mind, a foul mouth, and at least a few screws loose, has done Christian conservatives the favor of a lifetime, making the case for a businessman’s private property rights against the progressive oppression of anti-discrimination laws more eloquently — well, at least more bluntly — than any Christian business owner could make it.

A Seattle pro-life activist group that had been handing out pamphlets targeting homosexuals for repentance and “rebirth” decided to enjoy a break from their activities at the Bedlam coffee shop. It so happens the shop is owned by a homosexual man, who, when he caught wind of the group’s presence — they were not proselytizing, mind you, just drinking his coffee, thereby filling his coffers — confronted them…with exactly the kind of expletive-filled, sexually explicit, hysterical hissy-fit rant you’d expect from the stereotypical homosexual coffee shop owner who is hypersensitive about Christian critics of his “lifestyle.”

In short, he rudely and summarily kicked them off his premises. Now we all know that had the owner been the Christian in this story, and the activists the homosexuals, his actions would be plastered all over the mainstream media, Soros-backed communist protests would be exploiting this little nobody’s “hate speech” to increase social unrest and provoke violence, and his butt would be hauled into court faster than you can say “Hello sailor.” He would probably be bankrupted, his name and reputation soiled forever, his children humiliated by their teachers, and his entire family sentenced to community service cleaning the toilets at a homosexual nightclub.

But since the owner is the homosexual, and his patrons/victims Christians, the media will largely ignore the story, the communist agitators will say free speech does not extend to these customers’ intolerance of the LGBTXYZ community — Isn’t it strange how every favored special interest group is a “community”? Does anyone refer to the “white supremacist community”? — and the owner will be receiving letters of sympathy, congratulations, and moral support from all corners of the continental United States. The hypocrisy of the left is obvious, revolting, and displays an unsurprisingly complete lack of principle or honor.

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