Male feminist ally Andy Signore accused of attempted rape and sexual harassment

Another Day another male feminist faces accusation of being a creep and a sexual predator


Andy Signore, the creator of Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies, has been the subject of an avalanche of accusations of sexual harassment and even attempted rape. With an organization that has an acronym as rotten as SJ, you know there is trouble. These allegations were made on Twitter, and while it is always good to be skeptical of Twitter accusations and to be mindful of the presumption of evidence, there may be something to them.

The most troubling allegation is that he took out a sex toy and attempted to force it into a woman without consent, and that he took inappropriate pictures. Whether or not he carried sex toys with him at all times to force into unsuspecting women is open to question, but what is certain is that he is an incredibly awkward individual

Sexual harassment allegation 1
Creepy messages
Sexual harassment allegation 3
A guy saying that he knows of many allegations against Signore
General creepiness
Attempted rape

There is a torrent of accusations on Twitter, a lot of which are (perhaps retrospectively) interpreting general creepiness, cluelessness and awkwardness as ‘sexual harassment’ (the guy is a fat, goony beard-loser). A lot of accusations are also anonymous, although given the speed with which these have come out, I would not immediately dismiss them.

Now what are Signore’s views? Ironically, it was just a year ago that he wrote on Twitter that women have “rights” and that you can’t force yourself on them. He also said that he dislikes the treatment of women by Donald Trump, who was widely criticized for the statement that women allow you to “grab them by the pussy” if you are a celebrity.

Signore attacked PewDiePie for allegedly “encouraging” hate by making jokes he didn’t like. He was a strong supporter of the women-only screenings of Wonder Women, which were later ruled to be illegal. He told anyone opposing them to block him. Elsewhere he asked a fan “so what” if he has a feminist agenda.


Male feminist ally Andy Signore accused of attempted rape and sexual harassment [SocJus] from KotakuInAction



Honest Trailers Creator Andy Signore Fired For Sexual Misconduct




Karolina Giers Wants You to Give Her $12,000 to Get Her Breasts Amputated

Many times in recent months, I’ve discussed the transgender cult that has seized hold of many young people. “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” — in which adolescents suddenly become obsessed with transgenderism after weeks of browsing the subject online — has become a concern for many parents. In England, the National Health Service has seen shocking increases in the number of minors seeking sex-change “treatment.

Two days ago, a student at England’s University of Brighton named Karolina Giers posted a fundraising appeal for £9,000 (about $12,000) on GoFundMe in order to pay for “top surgery” (mastectomy):

I can’t stand looking like this and feeling like I‘m trapped in the wrong body. It’s unbearable. I can expect that my very homophobic parents will cut me off completely if they ever find out so I want to start collecting money now and just make sure that when I will live on my own and make my own money for food and a place to live in I will be finally able to transition and start living because what I’m doing now isn’t living it’s more like surviving and I think that life is about more than just surviving. I feel sick when I start thinking about the fact that I’ve already wasted 20 years of my life. Please help by donating even just 1 pound. It will mean the world to me.

Notice that Ms. Giers claims that she has “wasted” her life up to this point because she is “trapped in the wrong body,” and she won’t be able to “start living” until she is “able to transition,” i.e., injecting testosterone and getting her breasts amputated to become a “transman.”


And that’s why she wants you to give her money.

However, Ms. Giers did not become convinced that her body was the problem until rather recently. She had previously identified as a lesbian (notice the tags on this selfie she posted to her Tumblr blog). In fact, she has been publishing her Tumblr blog, “Can’t Control the Gay,” since 2012, and was so popular that one of her followers called her the “gay Moses” who would “part the see of straight people and guide us to the Promised Land.” Ms. Giers is a native of Poland, and we might surmise that she chose to study in England to get away from those “very homophobic parents” she complains about. Brighton is a city with a large gay community, and perhaps she hoped that she’d find happiness there. Evidently unable to find happiness as a lesbian, however, a few months ago (April 3) Ms. Giers used the #transgedender hashtag on a post complaining, “god i have so many questions about sexuality, being agender and transgender that google just can’t answer.”

Excuse me if I can’t resist the temptation to spend just a little while playing armchair psychologist here. Notice, for example, that Ms. Giers has a habit of derogating her looks — using a “sorry for my face” hashtag on this selfie and this selfie, and captioning another selfie with how “terrible” she looks. OK, she’s no supermodel, but she’s not the ugliest lesbian on the planet, either. She also captions selfies with remarks about being “weird” and “awkward.” You get the idea that she really needs someone to talk to about these feelings of self-hatred, instead of communicating via hashtags with strangers on Tumblr.

Generally speaking, if you’re a teenager who feels “weird” and “awkward,” you should try to avoid hanging around other awkward weirdos. Try to make friends with some happy, successful people and see if you can’t learn how to be successful and happy by studying their example.

What Karolina Giers has been doing — cocooning within an online clique of weirdos — has in all likelihood exacerbated whatever problems she had when she first started her Tumblr blog five years ago. She is #lonely#lonely#lonely#lonely and why? Because what we call “social media” is actually quite antisocial, an excuse for avoiding contact with real-life human beings. Forgive me for being so blunt about this problem, but there’s obviously a reason for the “epidemic” of anxiety and depression among young womenTHE INTERNET IS MAKING THEM CRAZY!

And guess what? A mastectomy won’t cure craziness.

Someone needs to tell Karolina Giers that the problem is not her breasts, the problem is her brain. It’s not that she’s “trapped in the wrong body,” but that she has allowed an online cult to convince her that “transition” — surgery and testosterone — is the answer to her problems.

The transgender “community” is toxic, full of dangerous deviants who constantly promote a bizarre ideology and seek to silence critics by accusing them of “hate.” And emotionally vulnerable young people like Karolina Giers are being drawn into this cult because sanity and common sense are excluded from the online echo-chambers of “social justice.”


Karolina Giers Wants You to Give Her $12,000 to Get Her Breasts Amputated