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‘It’s only for mothers, you sicko’: Woman threatens to call security on dad changing son’s nappy in parents’ room

A woman has defended a man after he was shamed out of a parents’ room in a Sunshine Coast shopping centre.

According to witness Mikaa Ives the man was trying to change his son’s nappy when another mother walked over to him, accused him of being a “sicko” and ordered him to leave.

“There was a dad in the middle of changing his son’s nappy, already having a difficult time with his son not wanting to be changed,” Mikaa Ives wrote on a local parenting Facebook group page.

The woman allegedly accused the father of “staring at her naked kids” and threatened to call security.

“The lady piped up and started abusing the dad for being in the parents’ room: ‘It’s only for mothers, get out you sicko’, literally saying she would call security and say he was staring at her naked kids if he didn’t leave the room,” Ives said.

“He picked up his son who mind you didn’t even have a clean nappy on yet and went to stand outside the door.

“His son was hysterical and he’s just saying ‘its okay mate, we’ll go back in there soon.”


Ives, who was disgusted at the woman’s behaviour, walked over to the father and told him to come back inside and finish putting a clean nappy on his child.

She said if the other woman called security she would back him up.

“At this point I thought f*ck this, told the dad to come back in and finish changing his son, told the lady that if she wanted to call security to go ahead because I would 100 per cent back the dad up,” she wrote.

“Old mate finished changing his son, thanked me and off he went.

“I was absolutely shocked that the poor bloke felt he had no choice but to leave like she said … I was BEYOND disgusted.”

Ives went on to say that the mother in question wasn’t even changing her children – she had just gone into the parents’ room to check her phone while her kids played.

“ITS A PARENTS ROOM NOT A F***ING MOTHERS ROOM. If you’re one of the people who act like that when a dad is simply changing his child, then I suggest you stay the f*** away from the PARENTS room,” she vented on Facebook.

The shopping centre website refers to its “parent rooms” being equipped with a microwave, lounges, change tables and toilets.

More than 300 people have commented on the post with a number of fathers revealing they’ve had similar incidents happen to them.

“Happened to me twice now. Thank goodness my little boy is out of nappies now,’ one father shared.

Another wrote: “I’ve had security called on me for taking my daughter into a parents’ room to change her nappy. Security basically told her to pull her head in as I was clearly changing a baby.”

“I’m a dad n copped the same when ever I had to change my son’s nappy. Didn’t move just told them to [do] whatever they needed to do to feel better about themselves,” one dad wrote.

“When someone kicks you out of a parent’s room you literally have no where to go with your children, it’s good to know that there are people out there who care.”



Latest New Country to Suffer Islamic Terror: Mozambique…

Suspected Islamists attacked a string of police stations in a small town in northern Mozambique killing two policemen but 14 of the gunmen were slain, police said on Saturday.

Police have been slow in releasing details of the attacks which occurred on Thursday and Friday in Mocimboa de Praia.

“We recorded 14 deaths and several bandits were wounded,” police spokesman Inacio Dina told AFP.


Police said the attacks were coordinated.

Local media said three police stations in the sleepy town, 80 kilometres (50 miles) from natural gas fields, were targeted.

At a news conference on Thursday, Dina suggested the attackers were linked to a homegrown “radical Islamic sect” but gave no details.

Police have so far arrested 10 other gunmen, recovered four firearms and more than 100 rounds of ammunition.

“The motive of the attacks is still unknown but in the past police arrested some religious leaders of Islamic extremist sects,” Dina said.

“The way they operated makes us believe that there is a structure behind the group,” Dina told AFP, but ruled out any links “between the attackers and external forces”.

“There is no evidence that they are members of Shabaab or Boko Haram. According to the information gathered, all those captured or killed are Mozambicans,” said the police spokesman speaking from the capital Maputo.

A local journalist suggested on social media that the attackers belonged to the virtually unknown group, Swalissuna, which has been in existence for about five years.

“They have specific grievances with the police and aimed the attack at them,” tweeted journalist and private media owner Erik Charas.

The attacks lasted two days, until the police dispatched special forces from Pemba, 500 kilometres away.

Armed clashes and assassinations of politicians are not uncommon in Mozambique.

On-and-off clashes have occurred in recent years between government troops and armed militias loyal to opposition party and former rebel movement Renamo.

But a truce unilaterally declared by Renamo in December has been observed with only minor breaches.


16 killed as Islamic gunmen attack Mozambique police


CBSA’s most wanted: drugs, sex and terror

There are hundreds of foreign-born criminals wandering the streets of Canada.

They are ruled inadmissible, then vanish into the ether.

Take Somali national Abdulahi Sharif, 30, if you will. Sharif is accused of stabbing an Edmonton cop then tried to ram his car into innocent bystanders.

Beside him, he had an ISIS flag.

He was granted refugee status in Canada in 2012 after being ordered booted from the U.S.

In 2015, the RCMP learned he was allegedly pushing his jihadist worldview. Then they dropped it.

Here are the Canadian Border Services Agency’s most wanted:

NAME: Mohamed Ratni

ALIAS: Jerome Breche

AGE: 42



411: CBSA’s rock star. Ratni has made the most wanted list TWICE. He was released under strict conditions then, poof, vanished. He has ties to al-Qaeda-linked Algerian terrorists and was busted at a Montreal coffee shop in 2012 — and was never kicked out. The big-hearted IRB thought that he should be sprung because of the time it was taking to give him the boot. Maclean’s reported that Algeria dragged its feet. But, uh, red light: he was “cagey” from the moment he landed at Pearson and wouldn’t tell CBSA officials which airline he flew in on. IRB shot him down saying his tale of woe was “devoid of sincerity and honesty.” He was found complicit in crimes against humanity. And so he stayed.

NAME: Belhassen Trabelsi


AGE: 54



411: One of the richest and most powerful members of the Tunisian regime toppled during the Arab Spring acted as a quasi-mafia don in the corrupt country. It’s believed he stole billions of dollars from the Tunisian people. He went off the radar in 2016.

NAME: Lucien Ngola Litsika

ALIAS: Lucien Ngola Mosenge Bumba

AGE: 36

NATIONALITY: Democratic Republic of the Congo


411: Information on Litsika is slim other than the fact he was ruled inadmissible to enter Canada.

NAME: Jose Guadalupe Ocampo Arizmendi


AGE: 63



411: Arizmendi is inadmissible to Canada for running a U.S. drug ring that peddled heroin, crack and cocaine.

NAME: Abdirahman Moumin Okie

ALIAS: Kaff Okie

AGE: 45



411: Okie — who sometimes sports a moustache — was convicted of forcible confinement, committing a sexual assault along with another person and conspiracy to commit sexual assault.

NAME: Casmour Rallin Wray

ALIAS: Kevin Johnson

AGE: 34



411: Wray was ruled inadmissible to Canada for being convicted of cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking.






Exclusive: 22 Rohingyas posing as refugees arrested in Bangladesh for alleged role in massacre of Rohingya Hindus

Amid a raging debate over the deportation of Rohingyas from India, Times Now’s exclusive investigation has revealed why Centre has taken the stand it has.

22 Rohingya Muslims, who were posing as refugees, have been arrested in Bangladesh, Times Now has learnt. The 22 people are allegedly linked to the massacre of Rohingya Hindus in Myanmar.

The same forces are believed to have attacked Bangladeshi forces earlier and Pakistan’s deep state is believed to have trained this group of 22 Rohingyas.