B.C. mosque removes link to anti-Semitic website following questions

The website of a B.C. mosque that federal charity auditors said received funding from Qatar included a link to anti-Semitic content that urged an “Islamic jihad” against Jews, denounced democracy and approved the killing of ex-Muslims.

The Islamic Society of British Columbia, which operates a mosque near Vancouver that has hosted federal and provincial politicians, appeared to have removed the link from its homepage after Global News contacted its lawyer for comment.

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The Islam-Canada.com website is registered to the Islamic Society of B.C.’s former president Saadeldin Bahr. Until Wednesday, an “Education Centre” on the home page featured an “Islam Q & A” section that brought up a Saudi website where Jews were called “enemies.”


B.C. mosque removes link to anti-Semitic website following questions

Munchausen Moms: @LizFraserRM, Feminism and Gender Dysphoria

Munchausen Moms: @LizFraserRM, Feminism and Gender Dysphoria


What is causing the epidemic of sexual confusion among young people? Because I’ve been researching radical feminism for more than three years, I am deeply familiar with the feminist opposition to the transgender cult, and have frequently cited blogs like 4th Wave Now, which are critical of this phenomenon. The problem of “social contagion”as a factor in encouraging transgender identification, and so-called “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” are issues where radical feminists have led the way in describing and analyzing the sources of this growing trend of confusion among young people. However, it is apparent that feminism itself is part of the problem, because the movement’s attack “traditional gender norms” inevitably tends to destabilize identity. Indeed, anyone who has carefully studied the theory promoted by Professor Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble — the social construction of the gender binary within the heterosexual matrix — must expect confusion to result from feminism’s “success.” Because feminism is an anti-male ideology, and because schools are now controlled by women, it is common for teachers to punish boys for masculine behavior. Yet the same traits that schools punish in boys — e.g., aggression and competitiveness — are encouraged in girls in the name of feminist “empowerment.”

Beyond the anti-male regime within the education system, however, there is the problem of “feminist motherhood” — an oxymoronic concept, given the feminist movement’s fanatical pro-abortion activism. Nevertheless, there are feminists who have children, and they are committed to raising their offspring in accordance with the movement’s ideology, and this means discouraging their sons from being masculine. Canadian feminist Liz Fraser unloaded this Twitter lecture last month:

“If you’re advocating for girls to have access to masculinity
but not for boys to have access to femininity,
you’re reinforcing patriarchy.”


“I mean that we are increasingly comfortable encouraging girls to play traditionally masculine roles, be ‘bossy,’ enjoy sports, etc, which is good and important and we should keep doing it, but we’re much less comfortable encouraging boys to express their feelings, crylike ‘pretty’ things, or adopt other traditionally feminine roles and behaviours. That reinforces the idea that masculinity is good and femininity is undesirable. Universal masculinity isn’t a solution to patriarchy, it’s another form of oppression.”

This is so absurdly misguided that only a feminist could possibly believe it. Encouraging your son to behave in the ways Ms. Fraser describes will result in him (a) being unable to fit in comfortably with his male peers as “one of the guys” and thus (b) being less successful as an adult male.

The most likely outcome, of course, is that by encouraging her son to embrace “traditionally feminine roles and behaviours,” Ms. Fraser will lead him either to be homosexual or to identify as transgender — and she must almost certainly be aware of this likelihood. It appears that some mothers now actively promote LGBT identity for their children:

Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy is a pattern in which a parent “fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems” in their child “usually to gain attention or sympathy from others.” . . .
Toxic moms . . . have decided that having a Special Snowflake Rainbow Unicorn Child™ is a way “to gain attention or sympathy from others.” All it takes is to grab hold of some therapeutic jargon (“gender dysphoria”) and claim your kid is a victim of prejudice and — abracadabra! — you’ve changed your situation from (a) being the parent of a pathetic loser to (b) being the leader of a progressive social movement.

These “Munchausen moms” are clearly a factor in children now being labeled transgender in kindergarten or earlier, and the media celebrates this trend. Vanessa Ford announced that her 4-year-old son was her “daughter” (named “Ellie”) and got herself feartured in a Katie Couric interview. With both the news media and public schools encouraging this trend, we can expect that other narcissistic mothers will turn their children into freaks for the sake of attention.

Imagine that — deliberately dressing her son in a style that provokes people to think he’s a girl, while taking a “wait and see” attitude as to whether he is actually male. If gender is “socially constructed,” it would seem, Ms. Fraser is doing her best to ensure that her Special Snowflake Rainbow Unicorn Child™ does not become one of those dreadfully masculine heterosexual males that feminists so despise.

Cop-hating anti-fa professor’s bondage fetish revealed on kink site

However, shouldn’t we suspect — as a matter of common sense — that people who are into weird sexual fantasies might be a danger to others, including children?

Robert Stacy Mccain


Cop-hating anti-fa professor’s bondage fetish revealed on kink site

He hates law and order on the streets — but he loves it between the sheets.

The anarchist John Jay College professor who tweeted “it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops” says publicly that he despises authority and punishment, but privately he’s seeking a dominatrix to rule him with an iron fist.

Michael Isaacson’s personal profile on FetLife — an online social network for people interested in bondage, domination, sadomasochism and all manner of kink — proclaims “I need a domme” to choke, waterboard and smother him.

The naughty professor, who was suspended a few weeks ago from his job at the CUNY college for future criminal-justice professionals, proudly posts photos of himself shirtless and hogtied.

Despite his love of being restrained, the 29-year-old adjunct economics professor has consistently expressed his hatred for law enforcement, government and imprisonment.

“I critique policing as an institution which operates at the behest of a state that increasingly represents the weapons and prison industry,” he wrote to The Post.

The “antifa” advocate admits that occasionally he will act dominant in bed, but usually because of his “subby” — or submissive — eagerness to please.

When he puts on his “dom” hat, he likes “calling my subs dirty fascist lapdog whores,” he writes.

Isaacson first got involved with the kink scene to please his partners and despite “all the whips and chains,” the community is “really welcoming” and based on consent, he told The Post last week.

Posting under the moniker “FellowSpaceCadet,” he last updated his profile Monday.

Among some of his many listed fetishes is “mummification” and “puppy play.” For the uninitiated, the latter means dressing up and acting like a dog.

But, he reveals, there is one thing the educator finds sexually out-of-bounds — “teacher/student role play.”

Isaacson describes himself as “polyamorous” and “pansexual,” meaning he is looking for romantic relationships with multiple people of any gender.

The controversial academic was suspended from John Jay College on Sept. 15 after tweeting in August, “Some of ya’ll might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

The police union demanded Isaacson be fired, and Mayor de Blasio condemned him, tweeting, “New York City won’t stand for the vile anti-police rhetoric of Michael Isaacson and neither should John Jay College.”

Isaacson told The Post he has since received a barrage of death threats, including a beheaded photo of himself.

Article by The New York Post.