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Biology Denying NPR Laments ‘Gender-Segregated’ Competitive Sports As ‘Exclusive’

An NPR article, published Sunday, laments “gender-segregated” sports, suggesting that separation of men and women in competitive sports be reconsidered in order to accommodate leftist notions of “gender” and “transgenderism.”

“Biological differences [are] almost wholly dependent on levels of testosterone,” alleges NPR, suggesting that modern hormone manipulation offers an avenue for sexual transition.

Women wishing to be men can undergo testosterone supplementation for a “physical transition,” alleges NPR, suggesting that women can somehow become men through the administration of exogenous hormones.

Without evidence, NPR concludes that Caster Semenya — a world champion sprinter in women’s competition — is a female, despite NPR’s own reporting of Semenya being an intersex person:

For years, professional sports has struggled with the fact that biologically, not everyone fits into a “male” or “female” box. And not everyone’s gender identity matches the physical body, genitalia, reproductive organs and chromosomes (or even set of hormones) they have. That’s led to instances of “gender testing” and even suspending and banning female athletes who have naturally high testosterone levels, like South African runner Caster Semenya, and Indian sprinter Dutee Chand, even though testosterone doesn’t automatically make you a gifted athlete (see: most men in the world).

NPR also denies gender dimorphism as a biological reality among humans, alleging the existence of “varied gender identities”:

Today, Browne’s decision to stick with the NWHL, even though he had to delay hormone therapy, shows how even the most gender segregated arenas are attempting to make room for varied gender identities — but it also shows that there are no easy solutions.

NPR enjoys non-profit status with the IRS while receiving federal grants for its news media operations.

Democrats and the broader left regularly frame gender as a social construct ungrounded from biology, further casting gender as “nonbinary” and somehow existing on a spectrum.

New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7

Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six, so Mohammod Rafique was only following Muhammad’s “perfect example.” This is what the Democrats wants for your daughters and sisters.

New Hampshire is being systematically destroyed by its left ruling elite.

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New Hampshire Mosque Preaches Jihad, Police Chief Cries “Islamophobia”



WMUR, September 21, 2017 (thanks to Robert):
A Nashua man is facing accusations that he had inappropriate contact with several young girls.

Mohammod Rafique is facing six charges, including two counts of felonious sexual assault. Nashua police said the incident happened in late August and involves four girls, including a 7-year-old.

 “We’re alleging these offenses have had a great and substantial effect on both them and their parents,” prosecutor Don Topham said.

Rafique was described in court as a refugee from Myanmar who has lived in Nashua for two years. An interpreter was provided by phone.

Authorities said the charges involve inappropriate touching and happened at some sort of gathering.

“Through the investigation, we learned that he was acquainted with one girl’s family,” Lt. Kerry Baxter said. “He had attempted to offer them money and gifts and things like that to get one or more of the girls back to his house.”

Court records said when the girls interviewed, they gave essentially the same version of what happened.

Prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail, saying it was needed to protect the victims. Defense lawyers said Rafique is innocent.

“I have spoken with him and he understands the serious nature of these charges, but he is maintaining his innocence on these charges, and of course the court knows there is a presumption of innocence at this point,” defense lawyer Sarah Newhall said.

The judge set bail at $15,000, with another hearing scheduled for next month.

New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7

More than 40 families pull children from Child Abusing school that forced transgender lesson on 5-year-olds

ROCKLIN, California, September 22, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Forty-one families have pulled 73 children from the elite Sacramento-area Rocklin Academy charter schools as the board continues to defend a kindergarten transgender lesson several parents say traumatized their 5-year-olds and that parents weren’t told about beforehand.

A mother who pulled her son from Grade 6 and daughter from Grade 3 at Rocklin Academy Gateway, where the incident took place, has kept a tally of parents who’ve done likewise.

“It was just the tipping point for most families,” the parent, who asked her name not be published, told LifeSiteNews.

Some parents pulled their kids “solely for this,” while other had “multiple reasons, but yes, this was part of everyone’s reason,” she said.

The controversy erupted after a lesson in which the boy appeared in girl’s clothes and was reintroduced to his kindergarten classmates as a girl.

Teacher Kaelin Swaney also read the pro-transgender “I am Jazz” during the lesson, which took place just before summer vacation.

A number of parents are upset because they weren’t told about the lesson that has left their children disturbed and afraid they, too, will “change” into the opposite sex.

Moreover, it’s still not clear what happened in the classroom because Swaney and the board refused to tell parents, and the board’s account differs from what a number of parents say their five-year-olds told them, the parent told LifeSiteNews.

What appear to be “inaccuracies” in the board’s accounts “make us feel betrayed as parents,” she said.

The board and administration “didn’t talk to the parents of the children in the class to get the story.”

The Rocklin Academy school board countered that it didn’t have to tell parents about lessons on gender identity because it wasn’t sex education. California law requires parental notification and allows opt out for sex education.

Moreover, the board claims not affirming the five-year-old boy’s transition to a “girl” will leave it open to lawsuits because California bans discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

On Monday, the five-member board unanimously rejected a “model parent proposal” to allow opt-out for lessons on gender identity and parental review of sensitive material before it hits the classroom.

The board did approve a policy directing teachers to try to let parents know beforehand that sensitive material would be taught, but the measure is “really weak” according to Greg Burt of the California Family Council.

Moreover, at “every board meeting, the administration seemed very adversarial to the parents,” according to the parent who spoke to LifeSiteNews.

But the August 21 meeting was the deal-breaker for her.

That’s when a number of teachers defended Swaney, she said.

“They were saying, ‘your kids will surprise you, they’re so accepting and loving, this is a great topic for kindergarteners to learn.’ … They were there to tell us parents to get out of the way,” she said.

“I did not feel safe sending my kids to school after that meeting,” the parent added.

“It’s a very tense atmosphere over there right now. It’s very like, which side are you on,” she said. “You don’t know who to trust, you don’t know who’s looking at you the wrong way.”

And with the board voting Monday to continue enforcing transgender ideology, more parents will be leaving, Burt predicted.

That’s echoed by Karen England, executive director of parents’ rights group Capitol Resource Institute, which authored the parent proposal the board rejected Monday.

“Several families are waiting until the end of the week” to pull their children out, she told LifeSiteNews in an email.

Elizabeth Ashford, a spokesperson for Rocklin Academy Family of Schools, agreed that more families will leave, “which is really a shame,” she told NBC-affiliate KCRA3 TV.

Ashford said 14 families and 23 kids have left over the controversy.

LifeSiteNews called Ashford at the public relations firm Fiona Hutton & Associates to confirm this figure, but she did not respond by deadline.

Many families might not have given the reason for their departure, suggested the parent who spoke to LifeSiteNews anonymously.

When the school emailed her to confirm her son’s leaving, it listed “moved during school year” as the reason.

The schools reportedly have a waiting list of 1,300, but a friend whose child was 110 on the list for a specific grade at the beginning of this year refused a spot the other day, she said.

“So that means they called 110 people before they called her, and they all turned the spot down,” the parent said.

The parent wanted to make it clear that those who left or are leaving Rocklin Academy Gateway are “not saying anything hateful or bigoted” regarding the transgender student.

“In fact, [many] of us have cried over this poor child because we feel for him. I don’t think he’s in a great situation.”

But the “board didn’t show any concern for the families or any respect for parents and our rights for our children,” she added.

“Many, many families are trying to figure out what to do with their kids,” she added. “Parents are saying they’ll homeschool if they have to.”


Satanic Fashion Show Inside a London Church



The Satanic fashion show INSIDE of St. Andrew church in London is just one more example of the mainstreaming of Satanism and the elite’s Luciferian doctrine. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Satanic agenda has become more overt and in-your-face in recent years – here’s what you need to know about the elite’s increasingly obvious war on God, and the war for your soul.


Australia: Feminist Terrorist Clementine Ford used to be a phone sex operator

good-looking women don’t belong in feminism

Fat women, ugly women, queer women — this is who feminism is for.

Robert Stacy Mccain


Clementine Ford used to be a phone sex operator

Prior to making a “career” out of being a man hating feminist, Clementine Ford worked as a phone sex operator.

It appears her motivation for doing so was partly money, and partly due to the fact that no boys found her attractive or wanted to have sex with her. It is believed that this was the main reason she became a feminist.

In the article she mentions:

After spending my entire adolescence in the barren wilderness of the chronically untouched, I’d finally found a boy willing to not just press his lips against mine but his groin as well. It made a nice change from my school days, which had been characterised by my innate understanding that I was not the kind of girl who could expect a boy to find her physically attractive.

As the article continues, she goes onto say how she became a phone sex operator with a friend of hers. Even in her job as a phone sex operator, men couldn’t stand the sound of Clementine Ford’s voice. Her friend would earn at least $600 a month, while poor old Clementine was lucky to earn $10 a month.

While Melissa was cashing grand cheques of at least $600 a month and fielding offers of marriage from the regulars who’d decided they’d fallen in love with ‘Sophie’, my cheques often totalled less than $10. 

Surprisingly, she even felt sorry for some lonely men she received calls from who didn’t even want to talk about sex. Such a contrast to her vile “kill all men” speech today.

But it was unbearably sad to receive calls from men not even interested in sex. Lonely men with no one to talk to, who wanted someone not only to share in the minutiae of their day but also their passions and dreams at a starting price of $3.95 a minute. All these years later, it still makes me sad to think that there are people for whom human contact is in short supply.

In the end, she decided to give it up after this phone call:

I decided to pack it in after one too many men gave me the response to their ultimate fantasy.
‘I want you to suck my dick.’
‘Okay,’ I sighed. ‘But only if you promise to come in my mouth.’
I gripped my cheek and fluttered it the way Maria had shown me. I said all the right things, like how I’d never seen one that big, and how sucking cock was my favourite thing to do in the whole world, and please would he give me some more. He groaned and spluttered, jerked and yelled and within the space of a few minutes it was all over.