Jacob Rees-Mogg is a ‘deadbeat dad’ says ex-Labour deputy leader and paedophile apologist Harriet Harman after the Tory admitted he had never changed a nappy

Harriet Harman belatedly expressed ‘regret’ yesterday that a vile paedophile group was allowed to forge links with the National Council for Civil Liberties.

But she still refused to apologise over the NCCL’s extraordinary relationship with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Labour’s deputy leader has repeatedly resisted calls to comment on the Mail’s revelations that she, her MP husband Jack Dromey and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt held key roles in the pressure group that granted ‘affiliate’ status to PIE, a group of predatory paedophiles who openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

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Harriet Harman branded Jacob Rees-Mogg a ‘deadbeat dad’ after he confessed to never changing a nappy following the birth of his sixth child, Sixtus.

Labour’s former deputy leader mocked the ‘Rees-Mogg model’ of fatherhood while campaigning for MPs to be allowed six months of paid leave after having a child.

But the Tory backbencher hit back against the criticism, saying he would ‘lose little sleep over Harriet Harman’s disapproval’.


Ms Harman told The Guardian: ‘Men who don’t change nappies are deadbeat dads – and that includes Jacob Rees-Mogg.’

The Camberwell and Peckham MP wants the rules changed so Commons members can nominate colleagues to cast votes on their behalf while they care for a child.


Ms Harman pointed out that 17 babies had been born to women MPs since 2010 and they had not benefited from a system of leave.

She has submitted her proposals to the Speaker’s Commons Reference Group on Representation and Inclusion, which meets next week.

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