Former female probation counselor arrested on charges of sex with two teenage boys

SAN JOSE — A former Santa Clara County female probation counselor was arrested Thursday on suspicion of having sex with two teenage boys while they were incarcerated in Santa Clara County.

Tricia Caparra, 36, was taken into custody at her home in Santa Cruz early Thursday morning by Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies.


She is accused of sexually assaulting two teens, 17- and 18-years old, while they were housed at the William F. James Boys Ranch in Morgan Hill.

Caparra now faces 17 counts of sexual assault (14 felonies and three misdemeanors). She also was booked on one felony charge of unlawful access to privileged information related to one of the victims.

If she is convicted, she faces a maximum of 11 years and six months in prison, according to prosecutor Luis Ramos, head of the District Attorney’s sex team.

The alleged misconduct surfaced after one of the victims came forward about a year ago, on Sept. 3, 2016.

The probation department immediately placed Caparra on administrative leave and removed her from contact with all youth, reported the allegation to the Sheriff’s Office and launched an internal investigation, according to a news release.

Caparra resigned on July 10, 2017, while still under internal investigation.

“We were appalled to learn of this employee’s alleged abuse of a minor in our care, and we have worked closely with the sheriff and district attorney to ensure they have the information necessary to investigate and now prosecute this individual,” said Chief Probation Officer Laura Garnette in a written statement. “This employee violated the trust placed in our department. This will not be tolerated,”

“Our probation staff have worked compassionately to support both of these youth throughout this ordeal,” she added, “and we remain committed to providing exemplary care to our youth.”

County executive Jeff Smith also underscored the severity of Caparra’s alleged misconduct.

Married Middle School Teacher Busted For Fondling Male Teen In Backseat

This week, a married middle school teaching assistant got busted for allegedly letting a 14-year-old male student fondle her breasts while she was wearing nothing but panties — in the backseat of a car in a church parking lot at 4:30 in the morning. The culprit is none other than Katie L. Carsey.

The 36-year-old mother of two was arrested on Wednesday. She is currently on paid leave from her job at Fort McCoy School, a K-8 public school in Marion County, Florida.

The fondling incident occurred in the wee morning hours of Thursday, July 6, according to Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy spotted Carsey’s automobile in the church parking lot and decided to investigate. The deputy stopped Carsey as she was trying to leave the premises in her vehicle. She was only wearing a bra and panties.

Carsey told the deputy that her plan was to meet an adult male in the parking lot, according to an incident report.

The deputy permitted Carsey to leave without an arrest or citation.

Then, on Tuesday of this week, an anonymous tipster informed the sheriff’s office that the 14-year-old male student had been involved.

In an interview with investigators, the student confirmed that he was with Carsey that night in the church parking lot, according to the Ocala Star-Banner.

The now 15-year-old teen explained that Carsey had removed her pants, her shirt and her bra. Carsey and the teen kissed, he said. He also touched her breast.

Then, the cop showed up.

The teen told investigators he “saw the police officer, turned around, left the parking lot and ran,” according to sheriff’s office spokesman Paul Bloom.

The teen said hid in the bushes and then ran home.

Carsey and the teen knew each other because she had been an assistant at Fort McCoy School last year when he was a student there.

An investigator interviewed Carsey on Wednesday. According to court documents, she initially stuck to her original story, saying that she had been in the church parking lot — wearing only undergarments — because she had made out with some random guy at a bar and wanted to change clothes before going home near dawn to see her husband.

Later, though, investigators say, Carsey admitted that she had been almost totally naked while making out in the backseat of her car with a middle school student. She noted that she touched his crotch, according to the Star-Banner.

Carsey also admitted that she knew her romantic feelings for the teen were inappropriate, according to a report by investigators.

Marion County school district officials placed Carsey on administrative leave with pay after she was arrested. They noted that this arrest is her first brush with the law.

“Normal protocol is to place that employee on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of our investigation, which actually ramps up after the criminal investigation concludes,” district spokesman Kevin Christian told WFTV.

Some local parents think school district officials should sack Carsey, effective immediately.

“I think they should just, you know, she admitted to it. The child admitted to it. I think it should just be done and over with and she should lose her job over it,” concerned parent Adrienne Grant told the ABC station.

The charge against Carsey is lewd and lascivious molestation.

A judge set Carsey’s bail at either $5,000 or $10,000. Local news reports conflict on the amount.

The judge also ordered Carsey not to contact the male teen.

Jail officials say Carsey has been on suicide watch and under constant surveillance while in jail.

It’s not clear if she has posted bail.

Married Middle School Teacher Busted For Fondling Male Teen In Backseat

TOLERANCE: Australian Priest Assaulted For Supporting Traditional Marriage

As the debate over whether to keep marriage traditional or recognize same-sex couples continues in Australia, some progressives have resorted to violence. On top of former PM Tony Abbott being recently assaulted for supporting traditional marriage, an Australian priest was spat on and cursed at this week for not going along with the progressive agenda.

According to LifeSiteNews, Father Morgan Batt was simply walking down Queen Street Mall when someone spat on him while screaming “f***ing no voter.” The action was clearly in reaction to him being a Catholic priest wearing his Roman collar.

“Smile and move on was all I could do,” Batt recounted on Facebook. “Let’s pray for healing. Australia(,) this is really not us.”

Father Batt is the vocations director for the Archdiocese of Brisbane, and is also the first Australian, and priest, to have climbed and then offered Mass at the highest peaks in Europe.

The fight to preserve marriage has been a tumultuous one in the land down under. LifeSiteNewsprofiled more:

A non-binding, optional postal survey on the definition of marriage is underway in Australia. The government says it will act based on the results of the survey.

A man who self-identifies as gay said in a recent video that there has been “bullying” and “absolutely vile comments” from the “Yes” campaign, and so he is voting “No.” A second man agrees in the video, posted on the Facebook page “Our Voice. Our Vote.”

Another video from the same page shows people flipping off and protesting an “It’s Okay to Vote No” rally.

The “Yes” campaign is backed by a number of large corporations, celebrities, and the Australian Football League.

The Coalition for Marriage is an umbrella “No” campaign focusing on sex education, children’s rights, and freedom of speech.

The Australian Conference of Catholic Bishops has urged the faithful to vote “No” on marriage redefinition.

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott was also recently given a violent butt to the head by a progressive who disagreed with his traditional marriage views. He had been in Tasmania lunching with pro-traditional marriage supporters when a critic hit him while returning to his hotel.

“I was walking from the Mercury office across that docks area, that beautiful docks area in Hobart, towards my hotel,” Abbott said to Steve Price and Sky News host Andrew Bolt on Melbourne’s 3AW radio on Thursday.

“A fellow sung out at me ‘Hey Tony!’ I turned around, there was a chap wearing a Vote Yes badge. He says ‘I wanna shake your hand’. I went over to shake his hand and then he headbutted me,” Abbott continued. “Now he wasn’t very good at it I’ve gotta say, but he did make contact. The only damage was a very, very slightly swollen lip.”