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Australia: Melbourne school goes into damage control after students walk out on feminist, terrorist guest speaker Clementine Ford

A Melbourne school went into damage control after it invited controversial commentator Clementine Ford to speak to students earlier this year.

The school in question is Aquinas College.

“She refused to answer questions from boys,” parent Darren claimed on 3AW Drive, although Ford later denied this on Twitter.

Darren told Tom Elliott it led many of the year 10 students, both male and female, to challenge Ford. Some even walked out.

Several then exchanged insults online with Ford, which 3AW has seen.

Darren sent 3AW Drive a copy of a letter the school issued to parents and students in the wake of the incident in May (see below).

Ford chose not to respond to a call from 3AW Drive producers but later issued several tweets, denying she refused to take questions from boys, but confirming her session with the year 10 students did get “heated in question time because some of the boys refuse to believe the wage gap exists … and they also seem unused to being told by am [sic] adult that their opinions are misinformed”.

3AW is still seeking comment from the school.





Ad for an Islamic temporary husband — in Ontario

We are constantly told that only greasy Islamophobes think that any of the aspects of Sharia that contradict Western principles of human rights will ever come to Western countries.

Reality is different. Here is an ad for a nikah halala — a temporary marriage allowing a woman to return to her previous husband — in Scarborough, Ontario:







This is based on the Qur’an. Allah’s regulations for divorce emphasize regarding women that “men have a degree over them” (Qur’an 2:228). This may be why men can divorce their wives simply by saying, “Talaq” — You are divorced — but women may not do this. Such an easy procedure leads to divorces in a fit of pique, followed by reconciliation — and the Qur’an anticipates this and attempts to head it off by stipulating that a husband who divorces his wife three times cannot reconcile with her until she marries another man and is in turn divorced by him: “And if he has divorced her [for the third time], then she is not lawful to him afterward until she marries a husband other than him” (Qur’an 2:230).

This has given rise to the phenomenon of “temporary husbands,” who marry and divorce thrice-divorced women so that these poor women can then return to their original husbands.

In Ontario.




InfoWars Internship Attacked by Mother Jones, Whose Underpaid Interns Qualified For Food Stamps

Mother Jones has blasted the Infowars internship program despite paying its own interns so little that they qualified for food stamps.

The progressive site was attacked by Vice and other liberal outlets in 2013 for paying its interns the equivalent of $6 an hour.

“During our first meeting with HR at Mother Jones, we were advised to sign up for food stamps,” a former intern told Vice News.


Another intern said he had to sleep on an “on an air mattress for six months” because he couldn’t afford a real one during his internship.

Mother Jones publicly stated that while the company “never advised interns or fellows to sign up for food stamps… It is true that the stipend level qualifies them for food stamps, as do most internships, and our HR director has, in the context of explaining their stipend, said as much, but we’ve never encouraged anyone to sign up.”

In other words, ‘we don’t encourage our interns to apply for food stamps, but we pay them so little that they can if they want to.’

It seems MoJo finally relented after this intense media pressure: more recent internships pay around $27,000 a year, thanks to grants from outside foundations – but the fellowships involve far more than just entry-level work.

“Fellows work closely with reporters and editors on everything from fact-checking and researching leads to reporting,” the description for the Editorial Fellowship reads. “As fact-checkers, editorial fellows are MoJo‘s best line of defense, tracking down primary sources by conducting interviews, crunching numbers, and scouring government and academic databases.”

“Fellows also attend production meetings, help craft killer headlines, write for our website, work closely with our senior editors, and have their hands in almost every part of the editorial process.”

In other words, ‘let’s hire a news editor, but we’ll call him an intern so we can pay him half as much.’

It’s also worth pointing out that Mother Jones, which was named after an activist who spoke out against child labor, is headquartered in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the nation where a year’s rent can exceed a down payment on a house in most cities.

Meanwhile Mother Jones attacked our own internship program.

“On Sunday the conspiracy theorist and nutritional-supplement salesman—who reportedly has the ear of President Donald Trump—posted a job opening on his website for a breaking news intern at infowars.com,” wrote MoJo’s Tim Murphy. “Ostensibly it’s a journalism internship, but Jones doesn’t sound especially picky.”

But we’re not the ones demanding champagne for the price of Pearl Light.

Ironically, The Atlantic reported that other left-leaning news outlets were paying their interns even less while publicly accusing McDonald’s, Walmart and other companies of underpaying their employees.

In contrast, Infowars is a news organization dedicated to promoting the free market, human rights and individual values while telling the truth through journalism – and we don’t hypocritically rely on slave labor to promote the ideas of liberty.

We’re looking for an intern for a paid position in Austin, Texas, who can help update our web sites with the latest, breaking news.

We could also use help categorizing our vast vault of custom graphics by the appropriate news category. Other duties may be assigned as required.

We want someone who can spell correctly, knows proper grammar and does NOT plagiarize!

It’s also useful, but not necessary, to have knowledge in journalism including the “inverted pyramid” writing structure, the five Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why – especially the Why) of a story and the art of hard-hitting headlines.

News junkies who read the Drudge Report every day are encouraged to apply.

If interested, please attach your resume and two writing samples to an email with the subject line “Intern – Attn: Kit Daniels” and send to jobs@infowars.com.

Whether you’re a journalism student in college, have several degrees or just a freelance writer or researcher with a passion for telling the truth, send us some examples of your work, tell us about your passion and what you like to do because we’ll also have other opportunities available in the future.


Infowars Internship Attacked by Mother Jones, Whose Underpaid Interns Qualified For Food Stamps