EXCLUSIVE: Three elderly Seattle brothers arrested after cops discovered their stash of child porn………..

However, shouldn’t we suspect — as a matter of common sense — that people who are into weird sexual fantasies might be a danger to others, including children?

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EXCLUSIVE: Three elderly Seattle brothers arrested after cops discovered their stash of child porn, used children’s underwear, penny loafers and soda bottles laced with vodka may be linked to missing 10-year-old girl

  • Three brothers arrested in a shockingly depraved child porn case may hold the key to an eight-year-old case of missing girl Lindsey Baum  2009 case as a flyer was found in their home
  • Charles Emery, 82, and his brothers Thomas, 80, and Edwin, 78, are currently in jail on $500,000 bond after a ‘disgusting’ stash of child porn was discovered in their home on a quiet street in Seattle
  • A hand-written manifesto detailing ‘ritualistic and satanic sacrifices’ of young girls was also discovered, along with descriptions of how the girls should always wear penny loafers before their murders
  • The three brothers, bachelors without children, each face two charges of possession of child pornography
  • On August 9 a relative  took ‘several large trash bags’ full of child porn and clothing to the cops. The images were so disturbing that Seattle Detective Daniel Conine would only describe two of them
  • Conine said one was a full-frontal picture of a girl estimated to be between 8 and 10, wearing only pink and orange hairpins, with an electric drill in her hands
  • Two vintage cars found on the property – a ramshackle World War II-era Packard Super Eight convertible and a tan-colored Model A Ford built around 1930 – will be tested for DNA

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The Fat and Fugly Feminist Professor Claims Fatness Is Liberatory, Is Shocked By Women Who Laughed At Her


Feminist Professor Claims Fatness Is Liberatory, Is Shocked By Women Who Laughed At Her

An Arizona State University professor has expressed disappointment at the results of a study she conducted with around 20 women, all of whom consider gaining 100 pounds to be a negative thing. She expected them to embrace her views of fatness as a “liberatory” experience.

Breanne Fahs, a self-described “fat woman” who teaches Women and Gender Studies at ASU was dismayed by the study in which “no participants described gaining 100 pounds as a positive thing to imagine.”

Campus Reform reported Thursday that the professor — who describes fatness as “liberatory” from the shackles of patriarchal society — claims that obesity is only considered unattractive because of “patriarchy, sexism, and oppression of women.”

She claims that women were more afraid of becoming obese than actually living with obesity.

Fahs published her findings in an article for the Women’s Studies International Forum, where she wrote that “the fear of fatness is far more extreme, exaggerated, and terrible than the lived realities of living in a fat body.”

She notes that in her survey, four women “shrieked in disgust” or “started laughing uncontrollably” when she asked them what they thought of gaining 100 pounds instantly. Unsurprisingly, the participants believed she was joking when she asked the question.

Fahs was also upset by the fact that none of the women she surveyed considered obesity to be positive in any way whatsoever, and that “no women identified fatness as physically or personally important (even hypothetically).” In other words, the women did not like the idea of becoming obese.

The professor says that fatness shouldn’t be seen as a negative quality because “feminist theory” suggests that the stigmatization of obesity is “connected to patriarchy, sexism, and the oppression of women.”

“That women did not identify the liberatory, political, or social implications of fatness seemed to reveal much about the contemporary framing of fatness as purely negative and solely based in stigma,” she claims.

She concludes that women shouldn’t be afraid of weight gain, and that “interventions that seek to lessen or buffer the intensity of women’s fear of weight gain could impact not only fat women’s lives, but all women’s lives.”

Fahs views are in line with that of professor Jennifer B. Webb of University of North Carolina-Charlotte, who promotes fat acceptance by encouraging obese young women to post revealing pictures of themselves on Instagram.

While it’s true that the fear of gaining weight affects women disproportionately compared to men, the concept of “fat positivity” is highly suspect due to the health risks posed by obesity.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of health illnesses in the United States. The American Heart Association reports that obese suffer an elevated risk of health problems including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes—all of which shorten lifespans and affect quality of life.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.

Child Abusing School disciplines first-grader for ‘misgendering’ a mentally ill classmate

the three men most responsible for the transgender movement – Dr. Alfred Kinsey, Dr. Harry Benjamin, and Dr. John Money were all pedophilia activists.



ROCKLIN, California, August 24, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The Sacramento-area charter school already rocked by parental backlash over a five-year-old boy transitioning to a girl in kindergarten class last June has now sent a first grade student to the principal’s office for “misgendering” the boy.

The first grade student at Rocklin Academy Gateway inadvertently called the trans “girl” by his boy’s name on the playground earlier this week, Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Research Institute, told LifeSiteNews.

The first grader “knows the student’s name from last year, and innocently on the playground called him by his name, and was told she needed to refer to him as a ‘she’ and needed to refer to him by his new name, which the student said OK,” England said.

“But then later the student was later called into the principal’s office so that the incident could be investigated to see if it was intentional or not, as if six-year-old kids are even thinking about this.”

The parent met with the principal on Wednesday, England said, and the school reiterated to the parent that their child needs to refer to this biological boy as a girl with the girl’s name.

The first grade student was “upset” because she thought she was in trouble, England said, adding: “The parent is very concerned for their child. This was an innocent mistake.”

LifeSiteNews contacted Rocklin Academy Gateway and was referred to the Rocklin Academy school board, which did not return a call from LifeSiteNews by deadline.

Rocklin Academy Schools has been hit by parental backlash after a five-year-old boy in kindergarten class transitioned to a girl in June.

Parents weren’t told the child was transitioning and that the kindergarten class would introduced to his transition in a way that some parents say has traumatized their five-year-olds, who are now fearful they too will change to the opposite sex.

While accounts vary on the sequence of events, the kindergarten teacher read two pro-transgender books to the class on the second-to-last day before summer break.

According to a parent account provided by Greg Burt at California Family Council, somewhere in between these readings, the five-year-old boy “changed his clothes from boy clothes to girl clothes.”

England described what happened as a “transgender reveal exercise on one of the last days of kindergarten” where “ the young boy arrived at school a boy and left identifying as a girl.”

Parents were told a week later in a letter from principal Jillayne Antoon that the two books had been read in class, but not that the boy had transitioned to a girl, the parent stated.

The kindergarten teacher won’t say what happened that day, nor will the school board, England told LifeSite News.

Parents have been left to find out what happened from their children.

Regardless of just how the five-year-old boy’s transition took place, it’s not disputed that parents weren’t told about it beforehand, a number of his classmates have been left disturbed, and that several parents are angry.

And it now appears Rocklin Academy Gateway is doubling down on enforcing the boy’s change to a girl, with a visit to the principal’s office a possibility for any child who hasn’t gotten with the program.

According to CBS, the school board will address the issue during next month’s board meeting.