Reason Magazine Feminazi Threatens Libertarian Youth Activist Over Harmless Joke

Libertarians have typically been known as standing for freedom of expression, but that is going to change if Elizabeth Nolan Brown has her way. The sex-positive Reason contributor, who co-founded Feminists For Liberty with the vehemently anti-libertarian Cathy Reisenwitz, is bringing social justice warrior-style thought policing into the libertarian movement. And for what reason? Because her little feelings were hurt over a silly joke.

This whining Feminazi, with stereotypically dyed hair and all, started a pathetic Twitter crusade on Saturday because a Young Americans for Liberty activist made a harmless joke on Twitter about women making sandwiches. Her goal was to create an Internet lynch mob of other soft-skinned, attention-starved women and their sorry beta male enablers to make it so the young man couldn’t get hired in the libertarian community (or anywhere else for that matter). Brown is under the employ of Reason Magazine, where she writes about riveting topics such as “gender anarchy” and the virtues of women who sell their bodies for cash. A relatively obscure blogger, she has to leverage her social media following to have any power in life–and she uses that unearned and undeserved power to try and ruin a kid’s life due to her enormous panties being in a twist. Is this what female empowerment looks like? If so, yikes!

Few understand that the Koch brothers, the “low-tax liberals” who bankroll Reason Magazine, like to hire people like this talentless harpy Brown because tokens look good for the purpose of corporate public relations. The Kochs deliberately poison the libertarian movement by giving harbor to pro-degeneracy creeps who alienate middle America, craven gutless weaklings who would sit idly by and let barbarians rape and pillage their civilization, and delusional pink-haired victim cultists such as Brown to help their own bottom-line. This “diversity” has not strengthened the movement, but rather completely poisoned it. There is a reason why close to 100 percent of the success of libertarianism has come from the work of Ron Paul, and not the Koch brothers. Ron appeals directly to the masses and speaks to concerns that impact everyday Americans while Koch libertarianism appeals to the elites and is more concerned with the whims of oligarchical paymasters than promoting actual liberty.

Unfortunately for her, this wretched hag’s public shaming campaign backfired and the vast majority of commenters on Twitter were piling on her shameful and vicious campaign against freedom of expression. Here are some of the highlights:

“Congratulations. Now you’ve demonstrated that libertarian women can as boring, lame and fascist as liberal women. Way to Reason,” wrote Kurt Schlichter, senior columnist at Town Hall, in a Tweet.

“So man makes a joke and you want to deny him a living? How progressive of you. How many times have you dissed men & laughed?” artist Catherine Nichols asked in a Tweet.

Even her feminist allies saw the error in this petty, pathetic woman’s judgment. “Please don’t do this, Elizabeth. I deeply respect you and you’re going down a dark path with tweets like this,” aspiring sex worker Tina Russell wrote in a Tweet.

Russell issued a couple more Tweets to explain her thoughts, “When you try to ruin [someone’s] life over a dumb tweet, you’re a shade away from the [people] who set fire to Berkeley [because] they didn’t like a speaker. I’ve seen it dozens of times before, watching in horror as my warm, compassionate, liberal friends turned one by one into cold hate-zombies.”

Reason Magazine Feminazi Threatens Libertarian Youth Activist Over Harmless Joke


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