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Half Asian girl on Twitter named 4gottenNationalist expresses her White Nationalist sentiments, despite being Hapa.

Archived Tweets.

It is fairly typical for Eurasians to demonstrate a pro-white sentiment as a manifestation of their deep seated insecurity and self hatred, as pushed by their Asian mother – who loathes her Asian appearance – and a white father who imported or married an Asian woman as a means to reestablish dominance in a relationship, when he is or was rejected by White women due to his physical or social inadequacy.

The general pattern is that the children of White men and Asian women – both of whom are pro-white, yet only one of whom is actually white – inherits the parents’ pro-white standing, despite not looking White. This was demonstrated in Elliot Rodger as a well as Daniel Holtzclaw. The tragedy persists, as Eurasian children seem to devolve into mental illness or violence in some cases, unless confronted by exterior forces; having no recourse within their home and being raised, more often than not, in broken homes, and with a mother who is convinced her child is white, and a white father who discretely yearns for a time period where White men were supreme.


Half Asian girl on Twitter named 4gottenNationalist expresses her White Nationalist sentiments, despite being Hapa.

Foster mum ‘raped boy HUNDREDS of times and pretended she was his girlfriend

Joelle Barozzini, 46, allegedly told people she was the 16-year-old’s girlfriend and that she had a premature ageing disease.

The boy, now 24, told the court that Barozzini once had sex with him with the bedroom door open while her husband was asleep on a sofa.


The abuse is alleged to have started when the boy was just 16 after she grabbed his hand and slipped it up her thigh at a party.

It is claimed the abuse continued from 2009 to 2013.

He told a court: “I was nervous. She kissed me. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into her room.

“I was just really scared that somebody was going to see.

“I was kind of frightened. I really didn’t know what to do.”


As the abuse continued, Barozzini allegedly sent the boy nude selfies and gave him alcohol while telling him “we’re boyfriend and girlfriend”.

The alleged victim told the court that Barozzini had sex with him more than 500 times in several rooms of her five bedroom home and in hotels when she took him away for weekends.

He said: “I was honestly too nervous to say no. Every single time, just about, would be against my will.

“There was times when it was not happening at all and she wanted to go back to play the mother role, as she would call it.


“And there was times it was daily or every other day.”

The alleged assaults happened as Barozzini worked inside the Pressley Ridge juvenile facility in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Prosecutor Jim Lazar accused Barozzini of using “psychological coercion” to keep the boy from telling anyone about the abuse.

He told a preliminary hearing: “At some point, when you have nowhere to go, you become sort of accustomed to the circumstances that you’re in and you attempt to make the best of them.”

Barozzini remains free on $50,000 unsecured bond.





Seattle’s liberal homosexual mayor faces multiple child rape allegations

SEATTLE, Washington, July 19, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Ed Murray, Seattle’s homosexual mayor who is “married” to another man and politically backed by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, abused his foster son, according to a child-welfare investigator.

At least four men have come forward to accuse Murray of rape.

Delvonn Heckard says Murray “raped and molested” him as a teenager. Lloyd Anderson made a similar accusation against Murray in 2007. Jeff Simpson has repeatedly stated that Murray anally raped him for three years while he was Murray’s foster son in the 1980s, starting when he was 13.

Both Heckard and Simpson said Murray gave them money for sex. Simpson added that Murray gave him drugs for sex, too.


The Democratic power broker and homosexual “rights” activist, who was elected mayor in 2013, backed out of his re-election bid in May amid the rape allegations. This week, some of Seattle’s mayoral candidates called for Murray to step down.

Simpson wanted to sue Murray in 2008, but his lawyer declined because of the statute of limitations.

“Mayor Murray is a child molester,” Simpson said Tuesday in an interview with Fox 12 in Seattle. “The worst things that you can think of were what Ed has done to me.”

Now the Simpson allegations have found corroboration from an Oregon child-welfare investigator. Using documents long thought to have been destroyed, Oregon’s Department of Human Services (ODHS) looked into Simpson’s allegations in 1984.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” Simpson, wearing a Jesus Rules shirt, said in the Fox 12 interview. “All of a sudden, not only do we get the paperwork but we get all of the records that were supposedly destroyed.”

Child Protective Services caseworker Judy Butler concluded in her 1984 investigation: “In the professional judgment of this caseworker who has interviewed numerous children of all ages and of all levels of emotional disturbance regarding sexual abuse, Jeff Simpson has been sexually abused by Edward Murray.”

The caseworker’s conclusion led state officials to determine that “under no circumstances” should Murray be given another foster child.

Apparently, ODHS waited until Murray took himself out of the race for mayor to release the documents at The Seattle Times’ repeated request.

Murray responded to the latest documents, again denying the accusations and pointing out that the prosecutor never brought charges against him at the time. “Based on the totality of the evidence that was collected, the district attorney declined to file charges,” Murray’s statement read.

However, The Seattle Times noted that it was not the validity of the accusations that gave Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Mary Tomlinson pause but Simpson’s “instability” and unavailability due to the fact that he was a runaway.

Tomlinson stated, “It was Jeff’s emotional instability, history of manipulative behavior and the fact that he has again run away and made himself unavailable that forced my decision.”

“We could not be sure of meeting the high burden of proof in a criminal case – of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty,” the public servant explained. “This in no way means that the District Attorney’s Office has decided Jeff’s allegations are not true.”

Murray continues to deny the charges. He noted a physical exam of his genitals “disproved” one accuser’s description of a “bump” on his penis.

Former homosexual Joseph Sciambra notes that it’s common for gay men to have been sexually used as a minor. “Typically almost everyone had a first lover that was older, experienced, and reassuring,” he wrote.

Simpson, whose lawyer had tried to find the documents in the 1984 investigation but was told none existed, reacted to The Seattle Times’ vindication with relief. “Thank you, Jesus,” he reportedly said.



Euthanasia No Longer a Choice in the Netherlands By The Political Hat

Just when you thought the Netherlands couldn’t become more morbidly—insane with their obsession for slaughtering people via euthanasia, from killing children and ripping organs from the still living, to legitimizing ennui as a medically appropriate reason to die—the Dutch have proven that nothing to do depraved and barbaric for their euthanasia lust: It is now legal for a doctor who euthanasia someone who is actively declaring that they want to live while struggling physically against their own murder:

“A Dutch woman doctor who asked an elderly patient’s family to hold her down while she administered a fatal drug dose has been cleared under Holland’s euthanasia laws.


“In this case, the woman, who was suffering from dementia, had earlier expressed a desire to have her life ended when she felt the ‘time was right.’

“According to case notes, the woman, who lived in a nursing home, showed signs of fear and anger. She would also wander around the premises at night.

“The end came when a doctor put a soporific into her coffee before administering a lethal injection.”

But as the doctor tried to administer the injection, she began to struggle and the doctor had to seek the family’s help to complete the procedure.”

The most disturbing part is the fact that it appeared that they knew the patient wouldn’t “go gently into that good night” by slipping the patient a “mickey“:

“Before administering the lethal dose, the doctor drugged the patient’s coffee with a sedative. People are rightfully outraged when a college student slips a date rape drug into someone else’s drink at a party, and this is just as egregious. She had no idea what they were doing to her, but this doctor gave her a pill so she could be abused in a way the doctor deemed right.

“That sedative was not quite powerful enough, however, because partway through the procedure, the patient woke up and protested. According to the Daily Mail, in the days before her murder she had repeatedly said, ‘I don’t want to die.’ The doctor then recruited family members to restrain the patient while the murder was committed. This is a doctor killing a patient who was making verbal requests to stop the procedure. This is a terrifying situation, and this is murder.”

They are killing people who want to live.

They are killing people who have committed no crime, and want to live.

They are killing whomever they can get away with killing.

They deserve what not even the Jihadis whom have been invited into the Netherlands could deliver thereunto.



Euthanasia No Longer a Choice in the Netherlands

The Normalization of Involuntary Euthanasia by The Political Hat

It has long become clear, that the claim that legalized euthanasia would only be used with the consent of terminally ill adults in full control of their faculties and in severe pain would be allowed to “die with dignity”, is and always has been a total steaming load of cow patties.


Now, data has been released to show that not only is the Netherlands executing innocent people without their consent, but is actually obfuscating the number of innocent people they are slaughtering!

“Every five years the Netherlands conducts a study to determine how people die in the Netherlands and whether or not there are concerns with the euthanasia law.

“The data from the 2015 study concerning ending-of-life decisions in the Netherlands was recently published. In 2015 there were 7254 assisted deaths (6672 euthanasia deaths, 150 assisted suicide deaths, 431 termination of life without request) and 18,213 deaths whereby the medical decisions that were intended to bring about the death.

“The 2010 Netherlands study of the euthanasia law was published in the Lancet July 11, 2012.


“According to the Netherlands 2015 official euthanasia report there were 5561 reported assisted deaths in 2015 and yet the data from the study indicates that there were 7254 assisted deaths in 2015. Therefore, there were 1693 unreported assisted deaths (approximately 23%) in 2015.

“The 431 terminations of life without explicit request, was up from 310 in 2010.

“… In almost every country, terminations of life without explicit request are considered homicide.”

     That slippery slope doesn’t seem so fallacious after all, does it?


The Normalization of Involuntary Euthanasia

Milwaukee roommates Rebecca Chandler and Raven Larabee arrested for satanic sex torture

However, shouldn’t we suspect — as a matter of common sense — that people who are into weird sexual fantasies might be a danger to others, including children?

Robert Stacy McCain




Two Milwaukee women were under arrest Wednesday after a young man told cops they tortured him at knifepoint for two days during a satanic sex marathon.

The 18-year-old victim said he took a bus from Phoenix, Ariz., to hook up with a woman he met online — and was then tied up with duct tape and rope and cut more than 300 times.

“I think you are looking for me,” Rebecca Chandler, 22, told police who showed up at her apartment, according to a search warrant obtained by The Smoking Gun website.

Chandler said the cutting started out as consensual but “got out of hand” — and she tried to pin most of the blame on her roommate, Raven Larabee, 20, the warrant said.

Police found some interesting reading material in the women’s pad — “The Necromantic Ritual Rule Book,” “The Werewolf’s Guide to Life” and “Intro to Sigilborne Spirits.’


Police also saw “a large amount of blood on the floor and on bedding,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

After the man was released Sunday night, he called police from the street. When they arrived, they followed a trail of blood back to the apartment.

The victim had slash and puncture wounds on his neck, legs, arm and back. He changed his Facebook status on Tuesday to a single word: “Stitches.”

The women are being held in county lockup on suspicion of reckless injury but had not been charged by prosecutors.