Spanish Feminists are falsely accusing their male allies of rape on Twitter

I don’t feel sorry for male feminists they brought it upon themselves


Moral dilemma: When male Feminists get falsely accused of rape, what do you do? Do you feel sorry and defend them or do you laugh at their plight and say they deserve it? I suggest that there’s a third option: Do nothing and observe in silence, all while acknowledging that they brought this on themselves.

A group of Feminists from Spain, who describe themselves as “Eleven communist women very angry with the world and very disorganized”, are creating a list of all male Feminist allies in their ranks who have been suspected of rape, sexual misconduct or assault. The aim of the list is to mark all the men included in it for ostracization and possible persecution. The group asked Feminists on Twitter to send in names and identities of men who they suspect of sexual assault, so they can be added to the list. What’s funny is that in typical fashion, almost all of the accusations are accompanied with absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever.

What prompted them to create this list is still unclear. Maybe they’re paranoid from all the male feminists who have turned out to be abusers and rapists (In this sense, you can’t really fault them too much), maybe they’re doing it to spite men, or just out of petty revenge. The last point sounds much more plausible, because most of the “proof” being presented as evidence that these men are rapists are basically screenshots taken out of context of break-up texts between these Feminists and their ex-boyfriends. Needless to say there are quite a lot of men on the list. The original texts are in Spanish which have been translate to English using Google Translate, so bear with me if the translations aren’t perfect:


Spanish Feminists are falsely accusing their male allies of rape on Twitter

Angry 200-strong mob shouting ‘paedo’ and ‘nonce’ riot in quiet country village as they hurl stones at house of suspected female sex offender

A riot broke out in a quiet country village when more than 200 protesters threw stones and lit fires outside the house of a woman they suspected of being a sex offender.

The angry mob shouting ‘paedo’ and ‘nonce’ were broken up by at about 4am when the 24-year-old woman and another person were escorted from the house by armed police.

The crowd had gathered in Monkton, Pembrokeshire just after 9pm on Tuesday night after a series of sex allegations against the woman were made on Facebook.


Hundreds of people threw stones at the council house and smashed windows before police with dogs finally managed to send them away.

The mob suspected that some five years ago the woman had lured a 16-year-old girl to a house party where she was plied with drink and drugs before being gang raped.

Before that the mob claimed she had been responsible for forcing two boys, aged nine and ten, to perform sex acts on each other in a park

She was allegedly jailed for a minimum of four years in 2012. But villagers said she was released and moved more than 200 miles away to Pembrokeshire under a new identity.

One witness, who did not want to be named, said: ‘It all kicked off with a post on Facebook that the woman was living there.

‘There was a large crowd when I got there on both sides of the property. Police car tyres let down, screams of ‘paedo’ and ‘nonce’.

‘There was a large police presence about 40-50 – they tried to calm the situation and clear the crowd but failed.

‘An Inspector told the crowd to disperse, then about 3am large group of police, some armed some with riot shields and a dog moved on the house and removed the occupants.


‘The crowd were screaming and it started to get out of hand – very angry scenes.’

One police car had its tyres let down and officers had to be kitted out with riot shields to control the crowds.

Police say two people were removed from the house for their own safety.

A Dyfed-Powys Police spokeswoman said: ‘The disturbance at Gwilliam Court, Monkton, was brought to a conclusion at approximately 3am with support from South Wales Police and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Team.

‘Two occupants from within a property were safely removed.

‘Members of the public that had gathered were issued with a Section 35 Dispersal Order, which assists in the movement of people within a designated area for a period of 48 hours.

‘The incident concluded at around 3.40am with the crowd having dispersed and with no arrests made.’

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