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Costa Rica: Muslim arrested for plotting jihad terror attack at Ariana Grande concert

The establishment media and governing authorities all over the world do all they can to deny and downplay the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, so one has to read the tea leaves in order to understand what is going on.

“The suspect, with the last names Caicedo Lopez, a 22-year-old from Colombia, was held in a 6am raid on his flat in Tibas, near the capital San Jose, yesterday.”

Why was his surname revealed but his first name kept secret?

“The director of the OIJ, Walter Espinoza, said: ‘The original threat was in the Arabic language and indicated that there could be a situation of danger or an attack at the concert. It was a very sensitive situation.’”

The threat being in the Arabic language indicates that Caicedo Lopez is likely a convert to Islam, and that he was plotting a second jihad massacre at an Ariana Grande concert.


“Costa Rican police arrest Colombian man, 22, ‘planning a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert after he sent organisers threatening messages in Arabic,’” by Gerard Couzens, Mailonline, July 10, 2017:

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of planning a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Costa Rica.

Detectives launched a manhunt on Saturday after threatening messages were posted in Arabic on a webpage of the concert organisers.

The suspect, with the last names Caicedo Lopez, a 22-year-old from Colombia, was held in a 6am raid on his flat in Tibas, near the capital San Jose, yesterday….

On May 22 a suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured 119 more at a concert by the American singer in Manchester, and Costa Rican police feared a copycat attack was being planned.

The manhunt was lead by the Judicial Investigation Department (OIJ) and the raid was carried out by its Special Tactical Response Unit.

The director of the OIJ, Walter Espinoza, said: ‘The original threat was in the Arabic language and indicated that there could be a situation of danger or an attack at the concert. It was a very sensitive situation.’…

Caicedo Lopez was described as having no police record in Costa Rica. After being arrested he was handed over to state prosecutors.

Ariana Grande, 23, later performed for 14,000 fans as planned at the Parque Viva….




Captain Obvious: Sexual offending by women is surprisingly common, claims US study

Sexual offending by women is surprisingly common, claims US study


By Christian Jarrett

A team of US researchers led by Lara Stemple at the UCLA School of Law has analysed data from several large federal crime victimisation surveys and they say their findings show that sexual offences by women against male and female victims are surprisingly common. Writing in Aggression and Violent Behaviour the researchers stress that they are in no way intending to minimise the human cost of sexual violence perpetrated by men. But they say their results are “sufficiently robust so as to compel a rethinking of long-held stereotypes about sexual victimisation and gender”.

Stemple’s team begin by pointing to data from the Center For Disease Control’s Survey of thousands of people for the “National Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence”. In 2011, for example, this survey showed that equal numbers of men and women reported being forced into non-consensual sex (either raped themselves or forced to penetrate someone else). Extrapolated to the US as a whole, this would represent 1.9 million victims among each sex during the preceding 12 months.

There are similar findings for sex of victim in the 2010 survey, the researchers said, and that year, the survey also included detail on the sex of offender. To illustrate the prevalence of female offending, the researchers highlighted the number of men who reported being forced by a woman to penetrate her. The survey estimated that nearly 4.5 million men in the US had at some time in their lives been forced to penetrate another person, and crucially, that in 79.2 per cent of cases the perpetrator forcing the sexual act was a woman.

Another survey the researchers looked at was the National Crime Victimisation Survey, pooling the data from 2010 to 2013. This showed that female perpetrators (without a male accomplice) were reported in 28 per cent of rape or sexual assault cases against men and 4.1 per cent of such cases against female victims.

Data from prisons collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics is equally surprising. Among female prisoners who have been the victims of sexual offences during their incarceration, they far more often report the offender to be another female inmate than a male member of staff. Indeed, contrary to stereotypes, another survey found that women prison inmates were more than three times as likely to be sexually victimised by another women inmate as compared with male prisoners’ risk of sexual victimisation by another male prisoner (bi-sexual women were at highest risk). For boys and men who are incarcerated, the prison data also show that they are overwhelmingly more likely to be sexually victimised by female staff than male staff.

National surveys by the U.S. Census Bureau are also revealing. A 2012 study asked respondents whether they had ever forced someone to have sex against their will: of those who said they had, 43.6 per cent were female (compared with 56.4 per cent of men).

Stemple’s team also considered data from college samples. Most recently, a 2014 study of 284 men and boys in college found that 43 reported having been sexually coerced, mostly unwanted sexual intercourse, with 95 per cent of the perpetrators reported as being female. An earlier survey obtained anecdotal descriptions of sexual violence from perpetrators. One woman described how she “locked the room door that we were in. I kissed and touched him. I removed his shirt and unzipped his pants. He asked me stop. I didn’t. Then I sat on top of him.”

Taken together, the researchers say that the data challenge the one-dimensional stereotype of women as only passive and harmless. Facing up to the reality of the prevalence of female sex offences actually serves feminist goals, they argue, citing another scholar who wrote that to be fully recognised, women must be “heard in all possible forms, whether in compassion, in protest or in violence”. The results also challenge stereotypes about men, they added, such as that they have “an insatiable desire for sex”, and they challenge rape myths such as that it is impossible for “a big strong man to be raped by a woman” (which the majority of students endorsed as true in a recent survey).

Moreover, it is only by recognising the reality of female sexual offending that the needs of those who offend can be properly addressed. “Female perpetration [of sexual aggression] is frequently intertwined with women’s past experience of their own victimisation”, the researchers said. For instance, evidence suggests that female offenders “have often experienced severe childhood sexual abuse themselves.”

Finally, the “culture of denial” about female sexual offending means that most female offenders are not convicted, and when they are, they receive lighter sentences, Stemple and her colleagues said. Male victims may feel pressure to interpret their victimisation experiences in a way consistent with masculine ideals, “such as the idea that men should relish any available opportunity for sex.” Meanwhile, “heterosexist” assumptions (that sexual violence is only ever perpetrated by men, usually against women) mean that lesbian and bisexual victims of female sexual aggression are “invisible to professionals”.

It’s also commonly assumed that female offenders nearly always co-offend with a male accomplice, the researchers noted, but while it is true that co-offending is more common among female offenders, data suggest they are still more likely to abuse alone.

“We call for feminist approaches – expansively interpreted – to challenge these stereotypes, making room to consider women who are abusive, power seeking, and sexually aggressive, while taking into account the troubled background many such women possess,” the researchers concluded. “Those victimised by women are doubly harmed when we fail to treat their abuse as worthy of concern.”

Sexual victimization perpetrated by women: Federal data reveal surprising prevalence

Catholic Church: Child Rape ‘Religious Liberty’ – “Jesus Was A Pedophile

the RC Church is being infiltrated


Published on Jul 10, 2017

The Roman Catholic Church is reeling from a series of reports of child sexual abuse allegations, including the third highest ranking Vatican official being accused of rape, and unprecedented amounts of child porn being discovered on another official’s computer. As President Donald Trump’s mission of bringing those who would harm our children through child sex trafficking and pedophilia to justice has the Church scrambling to save its existence, one official has suggested that child rape by clerics is a form of ‘religious liberty’, and some factions within the Church are even justifying the abuse by suggesting that Jesus Christ was a pedophile. David Zublick exposes the horrible truth in this special report!